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Why Does My Indian Matrimonial Ceremony Need a Wedding Planner?

Why Does My Indian Matrimonial Ceremony Need a Wedding Planner?

Especially in an Indian matrimonial setting, the amount of planning and organizing that goes into is gets extremely overwhelming. For starters, Indian families are typically much larger and every single guest needs to be given the best kind of hospitality. Additionally, marriages in India consist of more than just the wedding ceremony and reception and require a lot of co-ordination and energy to make sure that each one is executed with the best possible resources and within a stipulated budget.

Taking off the Load

Hiring a wedding planning will take off a big load of burden from you and your family, thus helping you make sure that you are able to throw the best wedding parties and also enjoy them without worrying about the decoration and the caterers and the million other things that need to be taken care of on the day of and during the Indian matrimonial ceremonies.

Wedding Experts within a Budget:

Hiring a good wedding planner is like hiring an expert. All you have to do is spell out your budgets and expectations out of the wedding, and they are sure to take care of everything ranging from decoration, caterers, invitations, hospitality of guests, transport, and even hotel stay. Additionally, they will take care of all your entertainment, venue and even help you pick the perfect menu for all your events.

A Traditional Indian Setting

Most expert wedding planners are so professional and well versed with an Indian matrimonial system and its traditions, that they would also be able to arrange for the right priests for the correct ceremonies if required.

If you feel like hosting a different kind of wedding, they could also pull out resources to execute an excellent theme wedding which will remain in the memories of all your guests for years to come.

The Bride

Additionally, many wedding planners help brides achieve the best look by accompanying them to appointments with the make-up artists, designers and even offer assistance with trousseau shopping.

You could make effective use of their network of designers in clothes and jewellery to give your daughter the best possible trousseau sets that fit well within your range of budget.

Communicating with Your Wedding Planner

To be able to effectively execute an excellent event, you need to help your planner by communicating to him or her exactly what it is that you have in mind. Talk about your expectations out of the event, how many people you intend to host, how much are you willing to spend and what ideas you have in terms of décor, venue, food etc. If possible move around with the planner a little to understand what is popular in the market place and even show him pictures if possible if you come across concepts you like.

Wedding planners understand how important this day is for the family members as well as the bride and groom and will do everything in their capacity to make this day truly special for you and your family.