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Perfect Day Wedding

Weddings in Heaven on Earth

Weddings in Heaven on Earth

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most special and important days of your life. Making the profound commitment to love, honour and obey isn’t even half as difficult as the year of wedding planning mayhem that precedes it.

Once the engagement ring has been slipped onto your finger you have approximately one to two weeks in which you can float round on your own personal cloud nine. Once the euphoria has worn off and reality has kicked, in the drama begins. Planning a wedding is by no means an easy task and the dreaded “to do” lists are longer than the guest list; which increases with each relative that, although you had no intention of inviting, ‘has’ to be invited. Many couples choose to plan their own weddings and whilst this is a special time by the time they get to their wedding day they need a trip to a rejuvenation centre more than a romantic honeymoon.

Safari Weddings

Many couples are avoiding the stress that goes hand in hand with this epic day by choosing to hold their weddings at resorts or hotels which take the majority of planning away from the bride, groom and their families; allowing them to focus on the real reason they are all there – love.

Imagine exchanging your wedding vows whilst the African sun sets behind you, overlooking the wilderness plains where the wild animals roam free. A wedding on a private game reserve in South Africa is something your wedding guests will talk of for years to come.

Star Treatment

For a bride what could be better than the day before your wedding to be receiving beauty treatments in the comfort of a luxurious lodge rather than running around, from manicurists to hair dressers to dress fittings and then back to the manicurists because somewhere along the line you have managed to smudge something and have had a near nervous breakdown in the process.

Spending an afternoon getting manicures, pedicures and massages while sipping champagne with your bridesmaids and mother sounds like a far more civilised way to get through the day.

After your relaxing day of pampering it’s nice to know that you can go for a game drive instead of rushing to the reception hall to sort our décor and seating arrangements. There is something so soul affecting about seeing the mighty beasts of Africa in such natural settings. Whether it be the elephants, cooling off at the waterhole or the lion cubs, playfully clambering over the lioness for her attention or the herds of zebras, galloping across the plains; each memory will stay with you for the rest of time. What could be more magical than sharing this experience with your future husband and your families?

Whether you wish to spend the nights leading up to your wedding having stag and hen nights, fabulous rehearsal dinners or drinking delicious sunset cocktails while the sun makes way for the moon and stars; the lodges’ wedding co-ordinator and staff will make your every wish their priority.

The Wedding Day

On the morning of your wedding wake up to a scrumptious breakfast that will be difficult for even the most butterfly ridden tummies to resist. Enjoy a long and rejuvenating massage before heading to your bridal suite in the knowledge that your soon-to-be husband has just enjoyed a similar massage and will be going up to his suite too.

Your hair and make up team will assist you and your bridesmaids with the finishing touches before getting dressed. Before leaving for the ceremony take the opportunity to indulge in a glass of champagne and your final toast as a single woman.

Prior to this very special day you would have made the decision as to where you wish to hold the ceremony and whether that decision is to have it outside amongst the amazing wilderness vistas or inside in the beautifully decorated lodge venues you will not be disappointed. Your wedding co-ordinator will already have arranged a minister for ceremony including preparation and processing of all legal documents. All of the flowers and music will be taken care of; all that will be left for you to do is take the first step on your next journey.

The Reception

Once the ceremony is over, the wedding party will move on to have photographs taken in one of the game reserves exquisite locations, these pictures really will be a testament to the beauty and luxury of your wedding in heaven on earth.

The reception is another thing that you will not have to worry about; the décor, seating arrangements and music will all be taken care of. The reception will be a feast of culinary delights, fine French champagne and plenty of memorable moments.

Once the excitement of the night has wound down, the luxurious honeymoon suite awaits! Private game reserves are also the perfect location for a honeymoon; so once the guests have left, you and your husband can forget all the pre-wedding nerves and begin your lives together in one of the most natural settings on earth.