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Wedding Themes That Suit Your Style

Wedding Themes That Suit Your Style

A great theme can make planning your wedding really fun. However, first you have to find a great idea for a theme! Not all wedding themes or motifs are equally appropriate for all weddings or brides. These are some helpful hints on how to find a wedding theme which truly suits your own personal style.

We have all been to beautiful weddings that were nonetheless completely different than our vision of a dream wedding. There are as many types of brides as there are potential wedding themes, and if a bride chooses a motif which does not mesh well with her idea of a great wedding, things will not go well. It does not matter how popular a wedding concept may be if you will be fighting your own innate sense of style to pull it off. But when you match your wedding style to your own unique personality, it will be perfect!

Quirky brides will enjoy a wedding with a handcrafted motif. This is also a great wedding concept for a DIY bride, since the whole idea is for everything to look homemade and not too polished. Wrap fuzzy red yarn around tin cans and fill with flowers for adorable offbeat centerpieces. Clusters of cans with different flowers will work the best, so you might have one can with yellow mums, one with red gerbera daisies, and another with orange zinnias all together on one table. Opt for a buttercream wedding cake topped with a pair of hand-carved wooden birds or custom wooden toppers which bear a resemblance to the bride and groom.

If you are all about drama and opulence, an Old Hollywood theme would be amazing for your wedding. Indulge your inner screen star in a slinky silk gown worn with a fur shrug and lots of crystal wedding jewelry. Hire a fabulous vintage car instead of a standard limousine. A restored old theater would be a fantastic venue for the wedding reception. Fill it with centerpieces full of tall white flowers and feathers for the drama you crave. A champagne fountain and a crystal bedecked wedding cake will complete your Old Hollywood soiree.

A nautical theme wedding is great for the preppy bride and groom. Classic colors such as navy, white, and red are the perfect color palette. Decorate your wedding with details like crisp striped tablecloths and a nautical flag banner spelling out “Just Married”. Pull in the nautical motif in fun ways, such as making the boutonnieres from loops of rope with a sailboat pick or a compass design on the wedding cake. This is a timeless wedding design for couples who love the water, or anyone who likes clean lines and classic motifs.

Many of the best wedding themes are seasonal. You might opt for a romantic spring garden party for May nuptials or a luau for an August reception. Of course one can never go wrong with the popular Winter Wonderland theme in December or January. After all, what’s not to love about snowflakes, sparkling crystal wedding jewelry, and beautiful white birch branches? As long as you pick a theme which really speaks to you, the end result is sure to be incredible.