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Wedding Reception Food – How to Save Money on Wedding Food

Wedding Reception Food – How to Save Money on Wedding Food

Planning a wedding is no easy task. This is because there are a ton of costs to consider. You will find, if this is your first wedding planning job, that the worst thing to keep under wraps is the cost of the wedding reception food. You will also find that this is the place that a large portion of your budget will be, well, eaten away.

To make matters worse, if you want to have your wedding reception at a hotel or conference venue, they normally don’t allow you to hire the venue without taking one of their catering options. These can be very pricey and you might not have the budget for this. So, what can you do? Well, here are some ideas for saving money on the wedding reception food.

Okay, so you are looking to cut costs a bit. There are a number of ways to get this done. Firstly, you will want to have you wedding during the day, or maybe even in the morning. This way you do not need to cater for heavy meals for dinner. This is a great way to save a bit of cash.

For those that want to have their wedding at night so that they can dance and party until all hours of the morning, you can choose a different venue. If you don’t want to fork out large sums of money for food, you can easily make your venue at a private venue. Then you can get catering companies to give you quotes based on the food you want to serve. Buffet meals are also usually much cheaper than set menus.

Private venues give you the chance to choose the food you want. You might want to have a lamb on the spit for a beach or casual wedding. You might choose to have something different like snack platters if you want to save money for a garden wedding.

It does not matter where you are getting married, or where you are having your reception, the main thing is that you are save some money on the food. You do not want to over feed your guests; this will just make them over stay their welcome.

Another way to cut costs at any venue is to combine a starter instead of each person getting their own. You can have a platter on each table for the starters. Doing these little things can work well, because you will still have a great time and your guests will still look at it as a three course meal, but you will have saved a load of money.

The type of food will also dictate the costs. If you want to keep it cheap, then you should choose beef or chicken for example instead of some other fancy meat. As long as everyone gets enough to eat and that the food is tasty, that is all that matters.

With your food all sorted out you can use the rest of your budget for the other important parts of your wedding like the flowers, cake, photographers, decor, dresses and other elements. You can create a stunning wedding to be remembered for a long time if you think carefully about how your budget will work with all the different areas you need to cover for your wedding.