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Wedding Planning – A Wedding Checklist Planner

Wedding Planning – A Wedding Checklist Planner

Here is a wedding checklist planner. It may help in getting all the arrangements taken care of in a timely, efficient manner. These may not be listed in the order to be taken care of but they all need to have attention. You may decide who will pay for what or if it will be added and split.

You might want to present the costs before actually spending them.

  1. Determine your total budget. Give yourself the amount that you can spend so you can set your priorities on what is the most important part of your big day.
  2. List what are the costs that cannot be adjusted, and those that you can cut the cost on.
  3. Invitations/ Announcements What kind of invitations will you have. Traditional, modern, seal and send, unique. Will you have RSVP cards, postcards, will you need a reception card or add it to the announcements. Don’t forget to include postage casts with these.
  4. Programs, Pew Cards, Table Cards, If you choose to use these they may be added expense that you want to include.
  5. Bridal Gown and accessories Gown, shoes, veil, undergarments, jewelry and any other added cost for making the bride look her best. You will want to add for hair and nails.
  6. Groom’s outfit Will he rent a tux, get a suit, rent a suit or borrow one. Shoes, hair and nails.
  7. Flowers You will need lots of flowers, the brides bouquet, the attendant’s, corsages for parents, grandparent, not to mention all the pew, alter and other flowers.
  8. Decorations Wedding decorations, Reception decorations, Will you put special stuff on the cars, Will it be a theme wedding and all decorations will evolve around that theme.
  9. Photographer Wedding checklist of photos should be done before you even get quotes. Make sure if you aren’t using a professional wedding photographer that the list is understood.
  10. Video If you want the wedding recorded, the reception, how much and how long. Will you have professional or several family members.
  11. Transportation Do you want a limo, a rental car, or just use nicer family vehicles.
  12. Reception Hall or Location Is this going to be at a VFW, A Hotel Ballroom, or church hall? Decide where and you will have an easier time of what decorations will work, etc.
  13. Food Yes, what are you going to serve? Will it be a sit down, or buffet. How many selections will you offer.
  14. Drinks Is this going to be an alcohol or non-alcohol event? Do you want to offer a cash bar or limit the drinks. Don’t forget to provide coffee and other beverages.
  15. Wedding Cake How big a cake do you need? How extravagant do you want to go? Find pictures of cakes and get quotes for similar. Ask for less expensive options.
  16. Music Do you need to pay a singer for the wedding, Will you have a band, DJ or stereo. Do you want an MC.
  17. Gifts Gifts for attendants, parents, officiant, etc.

Although you will have changes. This will give you somewhat of a wedding checklist planner. Keep an open mind, give yourself time to plan and adjust for some unexpected costs. We all get them.