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Wedding Planning – 9 Expensive Things You Can Eliminate To Make Your Wedding Affordable

Wedding Planning – 9 Expensive Things You Can Eliminate To Make Your Wedding Affordable

A Luncheon

Feeding your wedding guests can be one of your biggest expenses. Having a luncheon can be a very fun tradition but it is not required. If you are low on funds and still want to have a luncheon I recommend keeping it to your very closest friends and family.

A Limo

Everyone feels good when they step out of a limo but you can feel just as good stepping out of a nice sports car. Chances are you know someone with a fantastic car that would be willing to let you borrow it for the night.

An Expensive Cake

I am not saying that you should not have a cake at your event. I am saying that there is a cheaper way to have a cake. It is much cheaper to have a fake or styrafoam cake. Simply pay your cake specialist to frost a fake cake. You can find one online. Most wedding cakes are made of several layers. Have your cake specialist make the top layer out of real cake. This way you can cut the cake and follow tradition.

A Professional Photographer

Photographers are amazing and I think very highly of them. Although these professionals make your life easier they are a luxury and not a need. In my area wedding photographers charge between 500 and 2,000 dollars to take your wedding photos; prices are probably similar in your area. If you can’t afford this you can still get great photos without hiring a pro. Borrowing a high quality camera from a friend is a great alternative. You can also ask each of your friends to take as many pictures as possible with their own cameras. Chances are, you will have dozens of great pictures by the end of the night.

Dozens of Flowers

Flowers are great but the only flowers that are important are in the bouquet. Flowers are a great plus if you have the money but your wedding can be just as memorable without them.

A DJ or Band

Having a wedding band can add some class to a wedding reception but can be pricey. Make a playlist on your iPod. Most wedding venues are willing to connect your iPod to their sound system.

A 3 Course Meal

Those who will attend a wedding are not expecting you to spend your life savings on them. Dessert is very appropriate to serve at a wedding. Many people don’t even have time for a 3 course meal, they are busy and have kids. A few hours seems to be plenty of time for a reception. Serve desserts instead of dinner.

A Tuxedo

Yes, Tuxedos are classy but suits are getting nicer as time goes on. If you decide to wear a nice suit make sure you have a boutonniere on your jacket breast. It is amazing how classy a small flower makes you look.

Dress & Tux For Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Of coarse you want your friends to look nice in your pictures but this doesn’t mean you need to pay for their attire. Ask each bridesmaid to wear a certain color of dress. Choose a common color that they are likely to have. You can tell the groomsmen to wear matching colors then provide matching ties for them to wear. This is much cheaper than renting tuxedos.