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Wedding Photographer and Wedding Venue – Tips For the Bride and Groom

Wedding Photographer and Wedding Venue – Tips For the Bride and Groom

Often the ‘bride and groom to be’ approach me in the very early stages of their wedding planning and are undecided on their wedding venue. I often get asked the question by these young couples looking to get married, whether or not the wedding venue makes a difference to the wedding photographs. There is no simple answer to this question – it is actually yes and no.

As a professional wedding photographer, I have been to many wedding venues in Johannesburg, many of which have truly breathtaking surroundings. It is for that reason that I say ‘yes’ to the above question, because obviously a beautiful wedding venue such as the many wedding venues in Muldersdrift (namely Oakfield Farm, Glenburn Lodge, Avianto, Moon and Sixpence, Gardenworld, etc) have both beautiful landscapes and gardens in which to take unique wedding photos.

I got married at a wedding venue called Glencove which is part of Glenburn Lodge that I absolutely loved (and still do – I am such a sentimental fool…) because the gardens and the chapel and the whole setting is just so intimate and romantic….. I just love it!

One of my favourite wedding photographs is one where my husband and I are standing on the bridge over the river, looking into each others eyes and the lighting is just beautiful. It is the perfect setting for the perfect wedding photograph and it completely captured the moment. Having said that, I think any photo where my husband & I are looking into each other’s eyes would be special to me, regardless of the background or the lighting or the setting. It is precisely for that reason, that I also say ‘no’ to the question about wedding venues making a difference to the photographs.

Well that, and also because a good photographer can usually work around most settings and find ways to make the photographs beautiful and unique. A good wedding photographer captures the special moments and the emotions of your wedding day and the setting shouldn’t make a difference to any of that.

The most rustic, basic venue can make for beautiful and unique photographs. Likewise for an ultra-modern supposedly ‘unromantic’ setting…. Obviously, depending on your photographer and the kind of style of photographs you prefer, many photos can be very clichéd so be sure to choose your photographer and your wedding venue accordingly.

All in all, I always recommend that you choose a venue that you feel comfortable with, that you resonate with and that you really love, for no rational or logical reason – but simply because it feels good to you. Trust me, when you feel good, the photographs will show it and you will be the most beautiful bride and groom in your own unique way. I wish you the wedding of your dreams and photos that you will cherish forever!