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Wedding on a Budget? You Can Still Have Your Dream Dress

Wedding on a Budget? You Can Still Have Your Dream Dress

Everyone is aware that there is a recession. And to those lucky couples that have made the commitment to get married the challenges can be even greater. Let’s face it, weddings will never go out of style. During times of financial or economic stress in this country we have actually seen an increase in people getting married. Perhaps it is the security of knowing that you will have that other person there no matter what happens. Whatever the reason, weddings will never go out of style.

What is one of the most important elements that represent that day? The wedding gown, of course. Everyone wants to know what the bride will be wearing. All eyes are on her as she gets walked up the aisle. Most importantly, the photographs that are taken that day will reflect the way she felt. Those photographs will be the permanent memory that their kids, grand kids and beyond will have and see for many generations to come.

That is why no matter what budget you have for your wedding you shouldn’t skimp or push aside the importance of the wedding gown and the photographer who will capture your special day.

When planning the budget for your wedding find out just exactly what dress you want and make sure you make that a priority in the planning of the wedding. If it seems like a lot a money, then ask for help from your family or take on a second job to earn that money for the gown. Yes, it IS that important that you have your dream dress and it fits you perfectly. The food will get eaten, the flowers will die but the gown is something that represents your marriage forever. I am often surprised at brides that will spend $4,000 or more on flowers for their wedding but only want to spend $500 for the most important item of the day.

There are many ways to get the perfect gown if money is an issue. After all, getting married and being together is still the most important thing about starting your new life as husband and wife. But if you just can’t come to spend $4,000 on a wedding gown then look into alternative ways to get that gown. Borrowing one from a friend who recently got married, wearing your mother’s gown or even going to a thrift shop and finding a slightly used one are the cheapest ways to acquire a gown. If you are lucky enough to know someone who sews then why not have that person help and make the gown for you? There are many commercial patterns on the market now that will create a very beautiful and contemporary gown.

And if you are willing to spend the money, then having a gown custom made by a reputable designer is still the only way to ensure you will have YOUR dream gown that will fit you perfectly, be exactly what you want and you helped in the design of it.

But no matter what you decide, congratulations on taking responsibility for another person and wanting to create a life and family together. You can have the dress of your dreams on any budget.