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Wedding Mint Tins – Top 7 Tips For Selecting The Right Candy Tins For Your Wedding Favors

Wedding Mint Tins – Top 7 Tips For Selecting The Right Candy Tins For Your Wedding Favors

One of the hottest trends for wedding favors in recent years is personalized mint tins. If you’re considering these for your reception, you’ll have to make some decisions. Here are the top seven tips to help you find the right candy containers for your special day.

1. Select a size. Even before you begin to browse for your favors, you should have some idea of how big you would like them to be. Basically, the hinged mint tins come in two sizes. The small are about 1.75 inches by 2.25 inches and are called palm size. You may like these little containers because they’re easy to slip in your pocket. The larger version is approximately 2.5 inches by 3.75 inches and is sometimes referred to as Altoid size. They hold extra candy and can look more impressive. Some wedding favor businesses carry only one size and others offer both.

2. Go beyond a quick search. Your dream wedding favors may not be on the first page of your search engine results. Don’t give up. It’s worth the effort to dig a little deeper to find the gems. When you discover a website that has personalized mint tins that appeal to you, look around the pages. Check out other categories on their site. Read their frequently asked questions. Then, bookmark it and keep searching. Once you have several candidates, you can compare them until you find just the right one.

3. Consider using your photo on your wedding mint tins. After all, this is going to be a keepsake, long after the candy is gone. Using a picture of the two of you is the ultimate form of personalization.

4. Don’t pass by a not quite right design, without asking if it can be changed. If you love the design, but you wish it could be in your wedding colors, ask if the company can alter the color scheme. If you really like the calla lily mint tins but would rather have gerber daisies, see if they can do it. If you had your heart set on including your photo, but they don’t show that option, it might still be possible. Many favor businesses have artists and graphic designers that can adapt the design A quick email or phone call and you could find out you can get it your way.

5. Read the fine print. Before you order these wedding favors, make sure that they will arrive completely finished, with the label adhered to the top of the lid. A number of companies state that some assembly is required. You might not think that it’s that big a deal to stick the label on the tin cover. But be warned. The label is almost the same size as the top of the mint tin and it’s difficult to get it on straight. If it was easy, they would do it for you. Other businesses have machines that do the job, so you have nothing left to do when you get them.

6. Choose your filling. They’re commonly called mint tins. But did you know that these personalized containers don’t have to be filled with mints? You can surprise your guests with a more interesting treat. Some companies offer a choice of peppermints, sweet tarts, red hots, bubble gum or Jordan almonds.

But why limit yourself to those possibilities when you can find unfilled favor tins and fill them yourself with your favorite candy? You can add Hershey’s kisses, M&Ms in your wedding colors, salt water taffy for a beach wedding, dark chocolate Dove miniatures, jelly beans, candy corn, gourmet chocolates or anything else you can imagine.

7. Don’t wait too long to order. If you delay until every last one of your RSVPs come back, you might miss out on the perfect wedding favors. Anything personalized can take time. You’ll want to see a proof and perhaps make changes. Custom items will then go to production and finally, be shipped. You are better off if you over-estimate how many you will need and end up with a few extra, than if you find out it’s too late to get them in time..

There’s a reason that wedding mint tins have become such popular favors for the big day. Guests love the combination of personalized keepsake containers with sweet treats, Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be giving them a memento they will treasure.