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Wedding Invitation Unity Candles – Set Your Memories Aglow

Wedding Invitation Unity Candles – Set Your Memories Aglow

Wedding ceremonies are all about two becoming one. Just as the exchanging of the vows and exchanging of rings symbolize and solidify the union of man and wife, so too does the lighting of the unity candle. It’s the moment in the ceremony where two families’ “flames” unite into one, signifying the start of a journey anew; two separate flames are extinguished and one united flame remains.

The lighting of the unity candle represents the commitment of the bride and groom to each other and the glowing memory it holds will light the journey of the two now eternally bonded and rooted through marriage. With so much symbolism and prominence of the unity candle in most wedding ceremonies, choosing the “perfect” one is indeed a major choice in the wedding planning process. It’s no secret that there are countless choices for unity candles available to brides and grooms-to-be. One of the most unique, beautiful and meaningful candles on the market today is the invitation-style unity candle.

As glowing memories, invitation-style wedding unity candles are sure to make your wedding’s candle-lighting celebration uniquely elegant and truly picture perfect! These personalized unity candles are striking from all angles and will be a beautiful part of your ceremony while awing your guests. Just as the wedding celebration is about the two of you, this personalized unity candle features your wedding invitation “front and center”; they are most often delicately bordered with lace and accented with flowers and ribbon that complement the wedding colors.

The frosted exterior, provided by whipping hot candle wax with a blender, gives the candle an intricate appearance like no other. Because flexibility is often the key, invitation-style wedding candles reign as multifaceted gems; they can be a gift to the newlyweds or a reminiscent spark to an anniversary.

Everyone has been in (or likely knows someone who has been) the situation where it was tough to find that unique and perfect wedding gift; maybe you/they couldn’t access the registry or wanted to do something different. You won’t typically find invitation style candles on any registry, but brides and grooms would add it if they could; all it takes is a simple search on the internet to uncover the few manufacturers who specialize in these personalized unity candles. If you are invited to a wedding, this unity candle is the perfect gift whether or not you are able to attend. All you need is the invitation and an idea of the primary wedding colors; with than in hand, you can have a personalized unity candle that will be a wedding gift like no other in just one or two weeks time with most vendors. These candles are even the perfect gift after a wedding has taken place. If you still have an invitation from a celebration that has come and gone, you can mark that special day in a uniquely special way by sending an invitation-style personalized wedding candle to the now “seasoned” bride and groom; it will be an elegant and thoughtful reminder of their day that they can enjoy for years to come.

Few things will light the occasion of an anniversary and say it better than a invitation-style personalized unity candle. Whether it’s one you buy for your own ceremony or one bought after the fact to commemorate your day of union, these personalized unity candles perfectly light up that momentous day in a perfectly commemorative way. Better yet, they will last a lifetime (especially if only lit once per year) and be there to ensure you kindle the flame each and every year of your marriage. Wedding cake only lasts a limited time in the freezer, but a unity candle will last for all of your golden years together; and just look at the anniversary traditions and years it will signify from the start: 1st Anniversary (Paper) is the invitation, the 12th Anniversary (Silk) is the flowers that surround your invitation, and the 13th (Lace) is the border that frames your invitation.

Whether it’s for your own wedding ceremony, a gift for someone else’s, or to mark an anniversary, an invitation-style personalized unity candle should be among your top choices if it’s an elegant complement to that special day you seek.