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Wedding Handkerchiefs

Wedding Handkerchiefs

Variation in styles, textures, fabrics, colors and lengths of wedding handkerchiefs are available to suit different wedding and bridal party occasions. Many of these gift items can also be customized and personalized as per the need and requirement of the celebration.

The Gentleman Plain Handkerchief is a pure cotton made crisscross pattern gift accessory, suitably designed to greet and receive the guests at wedding ceremonies. Name initials, monogram, and wedding date can be embroidered on it in order to give rich feel of artistry and elegance. The soft look and feel of the fabric will simply multiply the grace of their wedding regalia.The white embroidered Grape Vine Handkerchief in cotton made fabric features a bunch of grapes interspersed with a leaf pattern.

This gift item forms a unique blend of sensuality and elegance, besides a great reception idea for acknowledging the presence of esteemed guests at the wedding ceremony.It is also beautifully adorned with personalized name initials, wedding dates and monogram to render a personal touch to the mood of the occasion. The He Loves Me-Daisy Handkerchief is a great wedding souvenir and symbolizes the very essence of love, devotion, and dedication and all the emotions required to make the happy communion a success.

What is more, it loudly boasts the message He Loves Me in a colorful tone.The Lily of the Valley Handkerchief is a great souvenir for wedding guests. The handkerchief is subtly embroidered with a rich artwork forming a bunch of lilies tethered on one side with wedding rings. The artwork shows a kind of valley like appearance on the gift item, which will definitely mesmerize all guests with its sublime beauty.The Mixed Bouquet Handkerchief is handcrafted in cotton fabric and richly done with embroidery to give a feel of bouquet containing different species of flowers. The gift idea mesmerizes the young attendants quite a lot and is a part of their personal wedding gifts.

The Plain Handkerchief with Crocheted Border is a traditional way of adding a slight tint of antiquity, fun, and ecstasy on the weddings and receptions. Like other gift ideas, this cotton piece of fabric is also available for personalization only to an extent of maintaining custom and gait of wedding ceremony. An ideal way of gifting guests with this handkerchief ritual is not it?

The Stems of Lavender Handkerchief is a spectacular cotton based gift idea, perfectly matching wedding ceremonies that are set in outdoor and sprawling lawn locations. The right idea to make the guests appear neat and clean till the end of the proceedings.

The Tied Bouquet of Something Blue Handkerchief is embroidered in the form of a bouquet containing white and blue flowers.All variations of these wedding theme handkerchiefs are available at discounted rates and you can buy great wedding handkerchiefs at honest to goodness prices. Wedding handkerchiefs add just the right touch to any elegant event.