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Wedding Feast Ideas For a Southern Belle Bride

Wedding Feast Ideas For a Southern Belle Bride

The South is a unique area of the country where food and culture go hand in hand. Lots of girls picture themselves transforming into a Southern belle bride on their wedding day. Traditions include holding your wedding in an old plantation style house blanketed in gardenias, camellias and roses, dressing up in the big antebellum dress, arriving in a horse drawn carriage and of course tucking your little hand under daddy’s arm as he proudly escorts you down the long staircase.

If you really long to fulfill that dream of being a Southern Belle Bride then preparing a Southern wedding feast for your guests should be a top priority in making that dream a reality. Southern food is a Gourmet’s delight and a reception menu of Southern dishes and drinks are going to delight the palates of even your pickiest guests. Let’s begin with some authentic cocktails and foods that are going to make your dinner a real success story.

Cocktails –

Southern drinks and cocktails are a real treat. Besides the usual bourbon, whiskey and vodka, Southern parties offer unusual but yummy concoctions of regional delights. First up, a regional favorite called Swamp Water cocktail, this drink features lemon and orange juice mixed with 1 part bourbon and 1 part rum and garnished with a sprig of mint. Magnolia blossoms cocktails, Syllabub, Mint Juleps, frozen daquires and numerous other drinks top off this selection.

Appetizers –

Most fancy wedding dinners begin with appetizers. Southern regional favorites include cucumber and watercress sandwiches, cream cheese and pineapple sandwiches, coconut shrimp with muscadine dipping sauce, strawberries and yogurt dip, deviled eggs and an extraordinary Vidalia onion dip served with Ritz crackers. Vidalia onions are legendary for their sweetness and are used in numerous recipes.

Soups and Salads –

No Southern meal would be complete without an offering of delicious soups and salads. Regional favorites include clam chowder, Brunswick Stew, Ambrosia, Dandelion Potato Salad, Crawfish Gumbo, Peanut Soup and a Waldorf Salad.

Breads –

A wedding feast deserves the fragrant smell of bread drifting across the table. Favorite breads include corn muffins, Spoon bread, Fritters, Angel Biscuits and Sweet Potato Biscuits. Really your choices are endless and your guests will savor the delicious taste.

Side Dishes –

Every good main course food deserves the pairing of a tasty side dish. Southern favorites include Fried Green tomatoes, heard of those? Glazed Carrots, Butter bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Souffle, Creamed corn, Fried Okra, Hoppin John, a black eyed pea specialty dish and of course Rutabagas.

Main Dishes –

Now we are into the heart of a great Southern meal, the main dish. Famous main dish recipes you will love serving include Pecan Crusted chicken, Southern Fried chicken, Filet Mignon, Roast Leg of Lamb served with mint sauce, Barbecue Ribs dipped in authentic Southern barbeque sauce, here again, be aware that the South is famous world wide for it’s barbeque. No true southern meal would be complete without it. Pot Roast, Honey cured hams and Chicken Divine, the list goes on and on.

Desserts –

Most of your guests will probably be popping at the seams by the time dessert is served but go ahead and offer up some lucious delights any how. Besides the traditional wedding cake be aware that other desserts you will love serving include ice cream cake, Dirt Cake, a delightful concoction of crushed oreos that the kids will really love. French Silk Chocolate pie, Lady Baltimore and Red Velvet Cakes, Hummingbird Cake, Divinity and Sweet Potato Pie.

Your wedding will be a Southern delight with these delicious regional favorites. If you are really not sure how to make these foods (Southern families are known for having recipes handed down from generation to generation), then consult an authentic Southern cookbook. If money is no problem hire a good Southern catering company and instruct them on the choice of foods you would like served. Bon apetit.