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Wedding Favor Ideas For Holiday Weddings

Wedding Favor Ideas For Holiday Weddings

There are many couples who are planning to have their wedding celebrated near or even on the same day of a holiday. If you are one of those and have chosen to become an Easter bride, then you will most likely choose Easter holiday theme for your wedding.

To end your party right, you may consider giving your guests a holiday themed wedding favor which will help them remember of your special day. One easy way to come up with a holiday wedding favor is to wrap the item in a holiday color. Consider to use a wrapping paper or a decorative bag in holiday colors or themes. There are lots of favor choices to choose from, including small trinkets and edible treats such as chocolates, candies, mints and the many more. Another great option are candles and soaps that can be packaged in a favor box or bag in a holiday theme color. You can further customize your holiday favors by including both of names or initials, the date of your wedding, and your personal message or a short quote or poem.

Wedding supplies in holiday themes are specially designed for various holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, Valentines and etc. If you plan to hold your wedding on Valentines day, among the great choices for your favors are little tins with cupids, long stem chocolate roses (these are chocolates that were molded in a shape of rose), conversational heart-shaped candies, and other souvenirs that come in heart or cupid shapes or forms. Easter bunnies or even eggs, on the other hand, are great suggestions for Easter weddings.

Other wedding favors you may consider for your holiday wedding may include cookies, jams, honey, cupcakes, candy canes, Christmas tree ornaments and other holiday related ornaments. If you opt to give cookies, you can bake the at home or purchase them from a local bakery or cake shop. The cookies can be cut and decorated in a holiday theme. There are cookie cutters available in various shapes, choose the cutter that will cut your cookies in a holiday ornament shape. Cookie favors can be personalized with names and wedding date in icing, and they can be wrapped in a suitable holiday themed wrappers or be put in holiday takeout boxes or bags.

If you are looking for some ideas, better search the Internet. The birth of the Internet gives couples lots of options when planning a wedding. There are so many wedding sites that give tips and advices when it comes to wedding supplies and accessories. You can also join in online forums wherein you will be able to converse with other brides or experienced individuals who can help you choose the appropriate things you need for you wedding.

At the comfort of your home, you can easily find and purchase online your wedding supplies, such as wedding favors, invites, centerpieces, bridal accessories, gifts for attendants and etc. Most online stores offer a customize service that will allow you to customize your wedding essentials according to your personality and wedding theme.