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Wedding Cake Vs Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cake Vs Wedding Cupcakes

The traditional wedding cake with two, three or even four layers has been a focal point at almost every wedding reception. Part of the evening’s program is the bride and groom taking a picture cutting the cake and feeding each other the first piece. This should take place just as the bride and groom are introduced as husband and wife. This way all the guests will be watching you and will have a chance to see the wedding cake too. How many times do you go to a wedding and rarely see the cake let alone have a piece of it?

In the past you would see mainly a white cake being served at wedding receptions but now many wedding cakes offer an assortment of flavours, icing, style and design that will are unbelievable to look at. The brides are even surprising the groom with a groom’s cake designed out of something special to him! For example, if he happens to be a fanatic football lover, the cake is in the shape of a football. You can choose to serve the cake as your dessert following the meal or have the cake sliced at a pastry table and guests can help themselves. Depending on the size of your meal, some guests like to take a small break and prefer dessert a little later on so perhaps leaving the cake at a station for guests to help themselves later in the evening is the better option. This way you can take home any leftover cake that was not cut.

The cost of a wedding cake can be very expensive and as many couples are becoming budget conscious they are considering to replace the traditional wedding cake with cupcakes. Is this the new trend?

When wedding cupcakes first became on scene they were considered as a cheaper alternative to wedding cakes and was becoming very attractive to the average consumer. Some couple were purchasing cupcakes at their local grocery store and placing them on their own stands. Well, I think bakers were starting to realize this new craze and took the cupcakes to a new level. Depending on what you choose and how elaborate you go, the price can be just as expensive as a wedding cake.

Cupcakes can be individually customized to match your wedding colors. You can offer a variety of flavours and decorate each one. If you have any gluten or allergies, you can have a few cupcakes made especially for these guests. You can rent cool stands, mirrors and crystal boxes to display your cupcakes. When stacked together on a tiered cupcake wedding cake stand, cupcakes make quite an impression!

Cupcakes can save you money too. The cost won’t be as much as buying a traditional wedding cake. If you are the “Martha Stewart” type, you can even make your own cupcakes! You don’t need to purchase a wedding cake set or topper if you don’t want to. Many venues have a cake cutting charge so this would be eliminated as your guests will just grab one and go. Taking any leftover cupcakes is a breeze by placing them in a box and take them home.

If you still want a cake to cut then have your baker make a small round cake that is placed on the top of the cupcake tower. You can still use it to cut for pictures and take the cake home and freeze for your one year anniversary (yes some couples still follow this tradition)

In the end, it’s the bride’s choice as there is no right or wrong in choosing a traditional wedding cake or cupcakes, as both are still very common at weddings Your final decision will most likely reflect your style and theme of your wedding. As the old saying goes “let them eat cake, or cupcakes”.