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Vital Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding

Vital Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding

A strain on body and mind is one thing but weddings are also an costly occasion. The cost quickly adds up from the venue through to the wedding band right through to the photographer. You need to make every pound of your budget count not everyone can have the elegant Royal wedding Will and Kate had. Listed below is a range of tips that should give you the tools to plan the wedding of your dreams!

Think of a budget and keep to it

Planning a wedding is costly so you need to make sure you have a budget in place that’s in line with your economic situation. It’s crucial to stick to this, as much as you want the wedding to be your special day remember a special day will be a hollow experience if you have mounting debts to return to after the honeymoon. Stay within your budget!!

Keep a diary of pivotal information

Every meeting, payment, idea, email or phone call should be made a note of, co-ordinating your wedding whilst keeping a diary is essential to making the wedding go as smooth as possible. You want to make sure that when you have a moment of inspiration at a restaurant or shopping you can make a record so make sure your diary is lightweight and handy.

Get thank you gifts to show your grateful

Many people have given time, graft and money to make your dream wedding a reality so it’s always a nice notion to give out presents. These gifts can range from Jewellery, bottles of wine or bouquets of flowers and is a brilliant way to say Thank you to the wedding party and guests who have assisted you through every stage of planning.

Find the ideal location

The wedding day needs to suit your individual needs so it’s crucial that the church, hotel or registry office is the perfect choice for you. You don’t want to put a damper on the affair and if you turn up to your special day and it’s not what you imagined you will definitely be disappointed. Once you find the ideal location a few tips would be to pick the right time of the year (give yourself plenty of time) and build a good association with the staff of the establishment and be sure to bring your own individual feel to the affair.

Book live band/ entertainment well in advance

A live band or DJ blasting out all your best anthems is the ideal way to end the evening dancing the night away with your partner, family and mates. If the band or DJ is popular in your local area then make sure you get them ASAP or you may miss out.

Give a speech to show your appreciative

After the witty best man’s speech and the father of the bride has wished the newlyweds a great marriage it’s respectful for the groom to thank people for attending. It’s essential to thank everyone influential and of course shower your new partner with compliment after compliment.

Be sure everyone is well-dressed and fashionable in their attire

The wedding party needs to be fitted for the event and this can be costly but you need everyone to look great and feel comfortable. A vital tip is to keep to your colour theme, groomsmen need to look well-dressed and dapper whilst bridesmaids need garments with a colour from your theme. However you need to make sure the wedding party doesn’t distract the focus away from you, because the bride and groom should be the principal point of any wedding.

Pick a first dance song that you both will remember

A first dance song is your first dance as a married couple and something you want to hold dear forever. Pick a tune that both of you have dear memories of. It’s absolutely your choice which tune you choose a love song, a tune which reminds you of when you first got together or a song that specifies you as a couple. Be sure you both like the record even the one the bride will saunter down the aisle to.

Save money by making your own wedding favours

Wedding favours are a special way to give something to everyone who has given to make your wedding a magical day. However don’t be forking out vast amounts of money you can easily put together some fantastic wedding favours for reasonably cheap. Wedding favours are traditionally something like sugared almonds however these days people planning weddings are really getting creative with anything from lip balm to lottery tickets.

Book a photographer / videographer to collect the wonderful moments

If you want to capture the loving vibe of your wedding day you must book a professional videographer/ photographer. However it’s pivotal to make sure you get a professional! Uncle Adam may think he can take a quality photograph but then you’re left with photograph’s lacking a professional look, remember that besides your memories photographs and a video is what you will keep with you forever.