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Unwrap the 10 Great Things About Personalized Candy Bars

Unwrap the 10 Great Things About Personalized Candy Bars

Custom candy wrappers may seem simple on the surface, but there are actually countless of wonders to uncover from this chocolate packaging trend. Here are 10 that may just get you jumping on the bandwagon:

1. Foremost on this list is the chance to customize the candy cover to your liking. You get free reign on everything from the design to the wording, so each creation is unique.

2. Personalized candy wrappers are a great exercise of creativity. Imagine it as a blank canvas. You can be as playful as you want with the design. Add photographs, caricatures, stickers or magazine cutouts. Or dress it up with ribbons and buttons. The options are endless.

3. You can also think of chocolate bar wrappers as a step up from greeting cards. Put across your thoughts and sentiments, may it be a plain thank you, a heartfelt apology or an expression of love, in a special packaging. You may even incorporate a quotation or the lyrics of your favorite song.

4. Custom candy covers make for an exceptional gift. Earn extra points by adding your own touch to a store-bought chocolate treat. Appreciative of the special effort you put in, your loved one might even preserve the wrapper as a memorabilia instead of just throwing it out together with the trash.

5. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient yet impressive party favor, candy bar wrappers might just do the trick. Chocolate is a hit with almost everyone, so it’s one surefire way to draw smiles from your guests. The treats can even be arranged as table centerpieces, with a note asking family and friends to take a piece home. Just have the design tied in with the event’s theme and color palette and the key details printed or written down, and you’ll be set.

6. Personalized chocolate wrappers are also viable alternatives to traditional paper invitations. You can, for instance, send these out for a sweet sixteen birthday bash. Or use the treats to announce an important development in your life, may it be the surprise of an engagement, a change of address or the birth of your first child.

7. Entrepreneurs will find candy covers valuable as well. Think business cards glued on an irresistible treat. It’s one way to guarantee that your contact information and shop details will not go by unnoticed. The repackaged chocolate bars can be distributed during store openings. You can even add a cutout discount coupon to increase the chances of a return visit. The treats are also perfect as tokens of appreciation for long-term clients and suppliers, or tools for advertising new product lines and services.

8. Another factor spurring the popularity of personalized candy wrappers is that almost anyone can create it from the comforts of home. If you’re going for a fun vibe, you may simply draw or write on the cover using crayons, colored pencils, markers or stamps. A more elegant look can be achieved by printing out your design on glossy or vellum paper.

9. Professionally crafted chocolate wrappers can also be ordered online, with several businesses setting up web sites to promote their selections. You’ll just need to pick out a design and background, type in a message and personalize other details, including the colors and fonts. The more laborious steps such as printing and cutting the paper in size will be taken care of for you.

10. Thanks to chocolate’s universal appeal, custom-made wrappers hold promising sales potential. A broad range of would-be clients, plus a variety of applications, can keep the cash registers ringing all year. On top of this, venturing into the business is relatively easy and requires only small investment. For one, all the essential equipment such as a computer and a printer you probably already have. Operations can be entirely home-based, so there’s no need to rent office space. The lack of graphic design skills is not a liability, as software that generates wrapper templates, in addition to legally licensed images, is now available in the market.

Flexible, versatile and practical, the upsides to candy bar wrappers do not end here. Whether you plan to make or purchase one, or even start as business out of it, one thing’s for sure: you will be getting great value for your money with personalized covers for chocolate treats.