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Unique Wedding Favors to Flair Your Wedding Reception

Unique Wedding Favors to Flair Your Wedding Reception

There are many ways to thank your wedding guests for attending your big day. They’ve taken their time out just to be with you and to be the witness of your promise to love each other. One great way to thank wedding guests is to give them wedding favors, but not just mere tokens that are easily bought in the market. There so many wedding favors that are available these days, but opting for unique ones is really different.

Unique wedding favors can really flair your wedding reception. They are not just little thank you gifts

for your guests, but can make a really nice accent on every table in your reception. Unique wedding favors come, if chosen with creativity, will definitely make a great change in the entire party. You will love to see your guests with a great smile on their faces and impressed by your unique gifts that they can take home afterwards.

If you are thinking of giving away unique favors, you may consider little jars filled with tiny treats such as candies, almonds, gums, mints or even jams or honey. You can find these little jars at your local craft store or purchase them online. However, if you don’t have time to assemble all the little jars yourself, you can also purchase pre-made ones. Other unique favor containers you may consider are little bags, boxes, bottles or even take-out boxes. These containers come in various shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

If you want something that is both unique and playful, you can think of giving out personalized playing cards. These fun favors are perfect, especially if you will be having a Vegas themed wedding. Personalized playing cards come in so many themes and clever labels that will definitely impress your guests. You can pick a design from array of motifs that is just right for you. Consider the color and think of an ideal text to make it more unique.

Another unique favors you may want to consider are computer accessories such as mouse pads or keyboard dusters. This idea is really interesting as not all weddings give out such items as souvenirs of their wedding. You can customize mouse pads or keyboard dusters with personalized stickers, labels, ribbons or little cards. These unique favor options are also great because can also be helpful to your guests.

Speaking of useful favors, there are also other useful choices like personalized tape measures, measuring spoons, salt and pepper shakers, manicure sets, chopsticks, bottle openers, wine stoppers, coasters, mugs, pens and many more. You can personalize these things with your names, monograms, wedding date and a phrase, or a line poem.

These are a few unique suggestions for wedding favors. You can find some more by simply browsing online. There are so many online stores that offer various kinds of wedding favors – from edible favors, practical wedding favors to unique wedding favors that will sure to flair your wedding reception. Just always remember to choose the one that really fits your wedding.