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Unique Wedding Accessories – Making Traditional Weddings Contemporary

Unique Wedding Accessories – Making Traditional Weddings Contemporary

Almost all couples believe that to be bound as one is a perfect way to demonstrate a romantic relationship. Everything about it is great, the joy and the happiness the couples get from getting married are immeasurable except of course for the wedding planning and preparation. These two stages of wedding must be done carefully in which all the aspects and details have to be polished. This is the reason why most couples resort to traditional weddings but do you know that you can actually have a contemporary one by using unique wedding accessories?

Accessories are very essential for the overall appeal of your wedding. Generally, these accessories are chosen according to the theme you want. There are different varieties of accessories available for you and the main challenge here is to pick what is best to match your wedding theme. Although there are some accessories that are not required, having them can really make a big difference, even to the extent of transforming a traditional wedding into a contemporary one. Here are some unique accessories that can actually make a big difference in your wedding:

• Unity Candles

Unity candles are used in Christian weddings to symbolize the union of two personalities according to the holy matrimony. These unique accessories are a perfect addition to your traditional wedding and these alone can actually make your wedding appear contemporary simply because they are not really mandatory religious components for the wedding. If you and your partner opt to use unity candles in your wedding, the lighting of these candles are usually performed after you and your partner exchange vows but before the marriage is officially pronounced.

Unity candles are available in different designs and assortments. There are also different themes that can perfectly match any type of wedding. You may even personalize your unity candles as a good keepsake for you and your partner.

• Cake Topper

The presence of cake in a wedding is very important to further enjoy the event at the reception. Although a wedding topper is not really required, it can be a great wedding accessory to highlight the beauty of your wedding cake. Common wedding cake toppers are figurines of the couple wearing a formal wedding outfit however, by choosing new themes, styles and designs, your traditional wedding cake can look more contemporary.

• Cameras

A wedding camera is one of the unique wedding accessories you can have for your special day. Isn’t it great for your guests to see a white camera with your name or your photo on it? There are wedding accessories stores online that are now customizing cameras to be used for weddings. This isn’t just an ordinary camera that your guests see very often.

• Veil

Veils are already a common accessory in weddings but you can actually make your veil different by using some unique embellishments such as beads, embroidery, crystals, and beautiful floral appliqués.

• Goblets

Your first toast together signifies celebration and it’s nice if you could make your first sip more romantically by choosing a unique design for your goblets. You can also find newer designs online.

These are just few traditional yet unique wedding accessories options available for you. There are a lot more fabulous wedding essentials that you may choose from to accessorize the grand celebration you have on one of the most special events in your lifetime!