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Unique Idea for Formal Wedding Photos

Unique Idea for Formal Wedding Photos

The trend in wedding photography these days is away from the posed group shots in favor of more candid photojournalistic wedding pictures. That can be a great way to capture what was really going on during the reception, and yet, it is also nice to have a visual record of the entire wedding party. When you only have candids, you risk omitting important people from your album. What if there was a way to take formal group shots of the bridal party without having them look stiff and boring? There is! A really unique idea for formal wedding photos is to have the bridal party pose like they are in a painting. Learn how to pull it off here.

The idea is so simple, yet absolutely brilliant: if you want your wedding photos to look like works of art, why not model them after your favorite works of art? This is a fantastic approach to group photography of the entire bridal party. You can get all the shots you want of the bride and her bridesmaids in their dresses and bridal party jewelry, without the deadly dull effect of lining people up in rows like statues. Of course, you will need a creative photographer with a good eye to get everyone arranged properly.

Start by looking through art books to find an image that you would like to recreate with your wedding photography. It need not be a famous painting, but it should be one that you find very striking. Ideally, it would make sense with the style or location of your wedding in some way, and it helps if the scene has roughly the same number of people in it as you plan to have in your bridal party. Remember that the original painting is for inspiration only; there is no need to faithfully copy it pose for pose.

Any artist can serve as your inspiration for your artistically posed wedding photos. If you are having a hard time finding ideas, take a look at artists such as Renoir, Fragonard, and Seurat. A famous painting like “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” would be a marvelous scene to use as the inspiration for a large bridal party portrait shot outside. “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Renoir would be another fantastic inspirational painting, and could be adapted for an indoor or outdoor wedding. Of course you will want to change up the original poses as needed so that the faces of all of the members of the bridal party are visible. However, they should not be looking directly at the camera as one would for a standard photo, which would take away from the effect and make the pictures look too much like standard group wedding portraits.

Or what about lining up all of the ladies in the bridal party with their gowns and jewelry in poses which bring to mind the famous images of ballerinas created by Degas? The bridesmaids would not have to stand like ballerinas, but the general arrangement of the ladies could be based on one of those lovely scenes. This same idea would be a wonderful concept for special wedding portraits of the bride and groom. Choose a romantic scene such as one by Fragonard to get you started. If you like, your photographer can even use special editing techniques to make the photographs really look like Old Masters paintings. What an amazing wedding portrait that would make to display in your first home together!