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Types of Candles to Use for Wedding Favors

Types of Candles to Use for Wedding Favors

Candles are one of the top choices for giving as gifts because they’re so versatile and because they come in so many styles, colors and scents. This is also the reason why there are so many ways couples choose candles to use for wedding favors.

Couples also find that candles are one the least expensive yet most elegant ways to add color and light to the guests’ tables at the wedding reception. Popular selections for weddings include floating candles, pillars, tapers and tea light candles.

Floating Candles
This type of candle is especially popular as an added accent to guests’ tables, the cake table and other areas around the reception. They provide a calming, ambient light and can be purchased to blend in seamlessly in with the theme of the event.

You can float white or off-white candles in colored water or float theme-colored candles in clear water. Or mix and match the water and candle colors throughout the reception hall for a colorful accent.

Pillar Candles
Since pillar candles are free standing, they’re often used as centerpieces on guests’ tables and in combination with taper candles for the head table. At around two to three inches in diameter with one to three wicks, simply add a candle wring or weave some decorative silk foliage around the candles for beautiful centerpieces.

Taper Candles
Slender and charming, tapers can be short or tall, and the size you use depends on how and where you want to place them. You can have a medium to tall single taper candle at each guest’s place setting or combine three shorter taper candles into one 3-candle holder as a centerpiece.

Tea Light Candles
These small, delicate looking candles are around 1.5″ in diameter by ¾” high and sit inside small metal containers. You’ll often see tea light candles sitting under food warmers or they can be placed inside of a decorative candle holder.

Since most tea light candles are generally white, they can be placed inside of other candle holders and set around the tables at the wedding or one at each place setting as part of the wedding favors.

Purchase the Candles to Use for Your Wedding in Bulk for the Best Savings
One reason couples often choose candles for wedding favors or as an inexpensive way to add to the atmosphere of the occasion is because they can be bought wholesale, which saves a lot of money.

Even when you’re having a small wedding with no more than 50 people, it’s still one of the cheapest ways to add a centerpiece to each table and give them as wedding favors without going over your budget.

If you go to Walmart or Target and price individual candles, it can get pretty expensive, even though these are discount stores. But if you shop at a ‘Dollar General’ or other liquidation type store, you’re going to get even greater discounts.

And for the largest discount, shop online at places like Oriental Trading for the deepest discounts available on the types of candles you’re looking to use at your wedding.