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Top Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Top Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

1. The Photographer’s Aesthetic

There are many different approaches to wedding photography. When browsing images of photographers that have caught your eye, ask yourself what is it about the pictures that you like. Some photographers create very posed, formal pictures, while some prefer a more spontaneous approach. You will also notice that some photographers use bright colors while some have a more muted palette to their images. In addition some photographers like their photos to look light and airy while others prefer to create images with lots of dark tones. Which style do you like the best? The reason this is important to think about when looking at wedding photographers is that, while it is great to discuss your preferences and tastes with prospective photographers, it is not advisable to ask a photographer to completely change his or her style for your wedding. It is better instead to choose someone who has images on your website that look like what you’d like your wedding to look like. So for example if you like a lot of candid photos, make sure that the photographers you choose to meet feature lots of those images in their portfolios.

2. Customer Service

How quickly does the photographer respond to your emails and phone calls? Does he or she take the time to listen to you and understand what you are looking for in your wedding photos? Planning the photography side of your wedding is an involved process that requires careful attention to detail to ensure proper scheduling and execution. You want to make sure you have a photographer that you can reach by email and phone, who will get back to you promptly.

3. Personality

I definitely recommend meeting with your photographer in person before the wedding if possible. If not, ask if you can at least arrange a Skype call to talk virtual face to virtual face. You want to make sure that you enjoy this person’s company! This is someone who will likely be with you from getting ready in the morning all the way until the last song at the end of the night. If you do not feel comfortable with her or him now, chances are you will not feel comfortable on your wedding day either. In my opinion, a good wedding photographer has a sense of humor, smiles a lot, cares deeply about you and your fianc√©’s needs, and loves what she does so much it radiates from her pores. How you feel about your photographer will, believe it or not, come through in your photos, so pick someone you’ll have fun being around on your big day.

4. Deliverables

What are you actually receiving from the photographer? It can be overwhelming to compare different packages and add-ons. The prices can vary wildly. It can also be challenging to decide on what you want. For most couples, I recommend having a copy of the digital files, a small selection of prints, and an album. In my own wedding I ordered too many prints and two years later still haven’t figured out what to do with all of them as I only framed three, but I show my wedding album to everyone who comes to my home to visit. I recommend telling the photographer what you are looking for in terms of albums, prints, and digital files, even if it is different that what’s on his or her list of packages. It’s also good to check and see what the digital files will be. Will they all be color corrected and enhanced, or will you just receive digital proofs and need to pay additional fees for post-processing?

5. Trust Your Gut

Last but not least your instincts will usually lead you in the right direction. A wedding is an affair of the heart, so don’t forget to include it in the decision process!