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Top 10 Alternative Wedding Bombonieres

Top 10 Alternative Wedding Bombonieres

An Italian custom, Bomboniere or favors as they are also known, are small tokens or gifts given by the bride and groom to their guests as a thank you for attending their wedding.

Traditionally, bombonieres consist of 5 white sugar coated almonds placed into a bag of tulle and tied with ribbon and an artificial flower. The number of almonds is significant as they separately represent Health, Happiness, Wealth, Fertility and Longevity.

Outside of Italy, and particularly in Australia, however this aspect of the tradition has never really taken off. Presumably because sugar coated almonds are generally not popular to the masses. As a consequence Australian brides and grooms pick a wide ranging variety of confectionery products as their bombonieres. Below, in reverse order, is a list of the top ten most popular bomboniere items as determined from Moo-Lolly-Bar sales.

10. Personalised Hard Candy

Personalising hard candy with a thank you message or the name of the bride or groom was a very popular option in the early 2000s. However since the downturn in the global economy demand for this choice of bomboniere has declined. Hardly surprising I guess when you consider that, as it is hand made to order, the product is quite expensive to purchase and there is usually a minimum order of 7kg or more. That said if you can afford it there is no denying that personalised hard candy, especially when the candy colour matches that of your overall wedding theme, looks great on the table.

9. Chocolate Covered Products

Premium chocolate covered products like Macadamia Nuts, Cashews, Coffee Beans, Blueberries and Sultanas are much more popular for winter weddings than summer weddings, presumably because people (incorrectly) assume the chocolate will melt. Although you have to be careful about nut allergies the beauty about chocolate covered products is that most people love them. By placing an assorted mix of 3-5 different chocolate covered products in your bomboniere box you also give your guests an element of surprise.

8. Conversation Hearts

A retro classic lolly that has always been a popular choice of wedding bomboniere in Australia. These heart shaped, pastel covered candies are engraved with sweet nothings like ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Kiss Me’. Seems to be more popular amongst 30 and 40 something couples than those in their 20s with many clients inserting a handful of Conversation Hearts in a clear cellophane bag and placing it into each guest’s wine glass.

7. Belgian Chocolate

Quality Belgian Chocolates add a touch of class to any wedding. Most requested by younger city professionals, a trio of couverture chocolates on their bread plate make a wonderful first impression to your guests. As you might expect hearts are the most popular chocolate shape. In recent times some clients have even decided to forego dessert and offer their guests a Belgian Chocolate Buffet selection instead.

6. Lolly Buffets

Similar to the Belgian Chocolate Buffets, Lolly Buffets are becoming increasingly in vogue. The beauty of the Lolly Buffet is that you can choose a range of different lollies, usually 8-12 flavours, to match any given theme or colour scheme. By providing guest with noodle boxes they can also chose to eat their bomboniere now or save it for the journey home.

5. Heart Lollipops

A great option for those on a tight budget, Heart Lollipops look cute and can also be incorporated as a part of the place card decoration.

4. Lindor Balls

Everyone’s favourite Swiss Chocolate, Lindor Balls are pretty much guaranteed to please even the fussiest of guests. The beauty about Lindor Balls is that they will fit into pretty much any sized bomboniere box. In additiona placing a mix of three different flavours in each wine glass gives the table aesthetic a stunning look.

3. Chocolate Hearts

A long time favourite for brides and grooms throughout Australia, Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts can suit any style of wedding. The beauty of chocolate hearts is that they can be wrapped in any colour foil and you can have a mix of dark, white and milk chocolate. They also come in a range of sizes too.

2. Hershey Kisses

Silver is a popular choice of wedding theme colour. But there aren’t many silver lollies around. So for brides and grooms who chose a silver theme Hershey Kisses are an absolute God send. Wrapped in silver foil, with a narrow strip of paper protruding from the top, this distinctive teardrop shaped chocolate not only looks great in any bomboniere box, organza bag or wine glass but also tastes great.

1. Jelly Bellys

By far the most popular choice of bomboniere amongst our clients, Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans offer fantastic flexibility in terms of colour and taste. Coming in a range of different colours the 50 official flavours include such gastronomic delights as Coconut (white), Very Cherry (red), Cantaloupe (orange), Berry Blue (blue), Bubblegum (pink), Watermelon (green) and Licorice (black). Not only do their bright colours look great they also taste very authentic. In addition Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans suit any style or theme of wedding.