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Themed Marriage Proposals – Medieval

Themed Marriage Proposals – Medieval

Does your girlfriend love the renaissance fair? Does she dream about the fairy tales of her knight in shining armor? Medieval proposals can be some of the most fun things to do! And if she loves medieval times, then you are going to score huge points with her.

Have you ever been to the renaissance fair? There are a number of them around the United States. Every person who goes there is encouraged to wear costumes or dress in garb from that time period. This is a perfect place to propose to her. Tell her that you want to go and get your tickets. Then spend some time with her picking out costumes for the both of you to wear. Talk about how great of a day it is going to be with the two of you going there and feeling like you are in another time period. Compliment her on her costume a few times and keep telling her that you cannot wait to see her in it at the fair. You really want to get her excited about going.

Call the fair ahead of time and let them know you are planning to do a medieval marriage proposal. Ask them if there is anything that they do for proposals, or if there is something you can work into one of their shows. There are plenty of things at these fairs where they ask for participants from the audience, so this might be a great opportunity for you to ask her to marry you. If they do not offer anything like this, then try to get to the fair one day before the both of you go. Walk around for an hour and see what the scenery is like, where the crowds form, if there are any secluded places, etc. This way when you get there, you will know exactly where you want to go to propose to her. She will finally have her knight in shining armor!

Another great idea is to call up Medieval Times. They are a company that performs shows around the United States and have a number of locations. It is a fun and entertaining event for everyone to enjoy. The seating is arena style and they serve food before the event begins. The food comes out on medieval plates with goblets to drink from. You get a very medieval feeling during the entire meal as the wenches come around to wait on you. After dinner, the event begins and the knights come out into the arena! A night of jousting, sword battles, ground combat, and even romance follows for the show. Ask them if they have any marriage proposal packages that you can get. This entire event is very heavy on crowd participation so it would not even be out of the ordinary if the both of you were asked to do something. Chances are she will have no idea what is going on until you actually go down on one knee and ask her to marry you. Not only will you have the ambient effect in your favor, but a standing ovation from the entire arena as well. Now that is a great way to start off a nice life together!

You do not always have to go so grand either. You can have a renaissance proposal without spending a hundred dollars. Search in your geographical location for anything that is celtic which also has that old feeling to it. There are celtic fairs that take place throughout the year that you can attend. There are also some celtic properties where people go to meditate, hike, or have a quiet afternoon reading a book. These types of places are great as they are outdoors and usually have extraordinary scenery or decorations. Proposing by the babbling brook or on the hilltop as the sun sets will give nice dramatic effects to the moment.

So there are some ways to incorporate a medieval or renaissance theme into proposing to your girlfriend. Rest assured, if you take the time to just plan it out then things will go smoothly for you. I wish you the best of luck! Let us know how it works out!