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The True Essence Of Honeymoons

The True Essence Of Honeymoons

Honeymoons are essentially part of wedding events. Aside from the exchange of wedding vows, a honeymoon must be a lifelong memorable event for the newlywed couple. To make it memorable and a lasting event, preparations as necessary as those done in weddings are equally important. There are a thousand and one ways to spend a honeymoon as well as destinations to spend it in but there are certain aspects fundamental to the selection of honeymoon destinations and themes.

Prior to choosing a destination, the newlyweds must consider each other’s preferences and objections. As marriage encompasses the consideration for each individual’s unique personality and individualism, the choice of destination as well as activities must conform to both of the party’s personal preferences so that they will enjoy doing such activities together which is the true essence of honeymoon.

For those looking for a quiet, private, secluded and peaceful ambiance, the pristine silence of a mountain resort is the top choice. The couple can engage in various recreational activities while communing with nature’s spectacular beauty through activities such as hiking, trekking, camping. Enjoying competitive fun will surely strengthen marriage bonds. A number of national parks, for example have campsites equipped with camping amenities and pre-arranged activities for campers to have a worthwhile camping experience. The simplicity of rural living will definitely make one cuddle up for much needed warmth from each other at night time.

If both enjoy being sun-kissed and frolicking in the water, then the tranquil, serene and pristine-white beach environs will be suitable and perfect for water sports activities such as water skiing, diving, snorkeling and island-hopping. If money is out of the question, powdery-white sand beaches in Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Maldives and among others will guarantee a fun-filled honeymoon experience for water lovers. What more, resorts offer exotic delectable delicacies which honeymooners they can feast their tongue on. That’s not to mention the native wines that will surely loosen their post wedding jitters and inhibitions.

For those who are romantic but cannot live in the absence of modern amenities and technology and bustle of city life, then going to such romantic places such as Europe, particularly France and Italy, where love is bound to bloom, is such an exciting idea. Italy, the undisputed land of Amore, is a classic place conducive to romance and, at the same time, provides great modern facilities for a luxurious honeymoon stay.

Just because you and your new husband or wife does not have an unlimited source of money to splurge on for a grand honeymoon does not mean you cannot have a fantastic honeymoon that you want. The key to a memorable honeymoon lies in doing activities together which both of you enjoy. Whether you spend this time camping at the back of your home or at some five-star hotel in Asia, what matters is that you share one common denominator – the commitment to love and honor each other.