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The Practical Side Of Gettin’ Hitched At A Family Vacation Destination

The Practical Side Of Gettin’ Hitched At A Family Vacation Destination

The proposal is over and – hurrah! – the answer was a loving “yes”. It’s now time to stride full steam ahead toward The Big Day. But if you and your betrothed are planning to get hitched at an out-of-state (or out-of-country) family vacation destination, there are some important items to keep in mind.

1. What is the Waiting Period?

It sounds like a terrific concept to jet set to one of those all-inclusive Florida resorts for your wedding… but what happens if you get there and discover that there’s a waiting period between when you can apply for your marriage license and when you can have it in hand?

To save you the aggravation and embarrassment that such a sticky situation can cause, ask your travel guide or agent to find information for you on your destination’s waiting period (if it exists.)

(FYI – Sometimes family vacation spots occasionally offer to waive waiting periods for out-of-town wedding parties.)

2. Is the Area Family-Friendly?

That Florida vacation condo may sound like the ideal place to say your “I Dos”; however, if you’re planning on inviting kids to your nuptials, make certain that the area is family-friendly.

Remember that youngsters aren’t going to be thrilled with sitting around and watching adults try not to stumble too much on the dance floor. Also, if they’re going to be staying for the whole week (or even part of it), the children deserve a place that’s going to cater to them at least part of the time.

Again, to ensure that your destination is a fun family vacation locale, just ask the owners of the resort, condo, hotel or rental property.

3. What Types of ID Will Be Required?

Will you need your birth certificate (either the original or a certified copy) to obtain your marriage license? Do you need a valid driver’s license? Perhaps a social security card? Is there other documentation you should keep on-hand to obtain the marriage license?

Many couples forget that the rules governing ID requirements can vary not only by state and country but by city and county as well. So when you book your Florida accommodations or Virginia lodging, request the numbers of any agencies you should contact.

4. How Much Money Will You Need?

Marriage licenses aren’t free, even at the most affordable family vacation spots. You could wind up paying anything from a modest $40 to upwards of several hundred dollars.

Find out ahead of time not only how much you can expect to pay for the licensure, but also what kind of currency your destination will take. Some places refuse credit cards and only want cash; others are more flexible. Most will not take a check (though traveler’s cheques and money orders may be acceptable.)

5. Are You Too Young to Get Married?

Most states and foreign countries use 18 as the youngest age when a couple can legally get married without parental consent. However, before you put your down payment on a South Carolina condo, double-check local and state laws just to be certain.

Of course, if you’re under 18, you may still be able to have your wedding as long as your parents or guardians give permission.

6. Will Your Guests Have Any Special Needs?

Maybe your aunt Gretchen has difficulty walking down stairs. Perhaps your mother is hesitant to travel too far from her ailing father. These are all considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect family vacation spot for your special day.

As you peruse vacation guides, look for indications that your locales of choice are going to have the flexibility your guests will need to feel comfortable and secure.

With a little forethought and research, you can guarantee that your family vacation destination wedding is fondly recalled for all the right reasons and for generations to come!