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The Effects of Globalization On Marriage

The Effects of Globalization On Marriage

Each and every one of us are affected by globalization in one way or another. Globalization was first used during the 1930s to describe a holistic approach to Education. In the present times, when globalization is mentioned, it usually connotes the removal of economic barriers to facilitate inter-cultural transactions. In the same way, globalization became a factor for inter-racial and inter-cultural marriage, further removing discrimination barriers.

Themed wedding became a trend for couples along with the usual church, beach, countryside and army wedding. Some of the additions were Indian-Hispanic, Spanish-inspired, Hawaiian-themed, Chinese, Classical and Historical. Interestingly, weddings became a fashion statement, that fairy tale themed wedding soon became an option with these motifs, not to mention wedding designs that were inspired by famous film personalities. Anyone would love to have a Princess Diana wedding theme, or the Evita Peron, as well as Jacklyn Onassis-inspired wedding.

As expected, to appropriately pair the wedding themes, wedding ceremony essentials and accessories also evolved. Surprisingly, some of the customs and tradition were kept intact by the couples themselves. The theme may be modern in approach, but the meaning of the different symbols of the wedding ceremony remained the same. The innovations touched up on the whole presentation of the wedding but the meaning of the ceremony both for the couple and their guests, remained the same – it is still a momentous event of two unique lives joining together.

Some wedding planners find the innovation a breathe of fresh air, paving the way for new ideas and giving more freedom and flexibility for wedding requisites. Most wedding ceremonies are held inside a church, thus limiting the bride and groom’s choice on cake, color of flowers for the altar, bridesmaids gowns, as well as wedding favors. Wedding favors used to be confined to ceramic replicas of the bride and groom. With the wide array of options now available for the couples-to-be, the financial aspect of wedding preparations are extended satisfactorily.

Who would have thought that the simple pen can be used as wedding favors? Engaged couples may opt to buy promotional pens, have their names engraved on it or have them customized accordingly at a price that they can even order additional personalized wedding fans.

Wedding fans are great for the primary sponsors or witnesses. There are countries that keeps the fan off or limit the wind that comes in the ceremonial wedding place once the candle has been lit. It is believed that bad luck will assail the newly weds life if the candles’ flames dies out before the ceremony is over. The pens are great for the photos, especially when both of you signs the marriage contract, as well as your wedding sponsors.

Changes are but a part of our life, with or without globalization. What’s important is for human beings to learn from the past, cultivate the beneficial teachings of the old tradition, while providing innovations to improve the quality of Life. Only through changes can we learn, but only through looking back at the past can we positively develop.