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The Benefits of Having a “Day of Wedding” Coordinator For a Successful Wedding

The Benefits of Having a “Day of Wedding” Coordinator For a Successful Wedding

A flawless wedding is the dream of every bride, the perfect day without complications. Months and even years of planning go into the creation and organization of some wedding ceremonies, but how can you make sure that ceremony is a success when you are holding the bouquet? “Day Of” wedding coordinators do just that.

A “Day Of” wedding coordinator is a professional wedding planner who is hired to manage the wedding day. This service is growing at an extremely rapid pace, due to the convenience and price. “Day Of” Coordinators organize and facilitate the details at both the ceremony and the reception. They handle the timeline that has been created by the bride, and make sure that everyone is in the proper place at the proper time. The main focus of the “Day Of” wedding coordinator is to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly so that the bride can enjoy her big day.

Once the actual wedding ceremony is complete the “Day Of” coordinator moves on to the reception to ensure that everyone knows when to toast and gather for pictures. They also check to see if all of the vendors are in place and performing properly. If you are concerned about making arrangements for the vendors to be paid after the ceremony, your coordinator can take care of that as well.

Once both the ceremony and the reception are complete, the “Day Of” wedding coordinator is there to aid in the breakdown and cleaning phase. The coordinator will also help to collect the Bride’s belongings to make sure none of those precious memories are lost or damaged.

“Day Of” wedding coordinators work very well for the DIY bride. Some brides love to plan out every detail of the day, because they have a vision of the perfect wedding. Once all of the plans are made, and the special day arrives, the bride should be allowed to walk down the aisle with a bouquet of beautiful flowers, rather than a clip board. When you devote so much time and effort to the planning of an event, you want to make sure you find a qualified professional who will carry out those plans.

Qualified “Day Of” coordinators have much experience with a variety of wedding styles. They can advise the bride and wedding party on proper wedding etiquette. They are also prepared to handle any wedding related emergency that may arise, and there is usually at least one.

“Day Of” wedding planners can be hired months before the wedding, but do not usually get involved in the process until a month before the wedding. At this time the coordinator usually makes contact to ensure that all of the vendors, contracts, and any other small details are properly aligned. With all of the details in place, the wedding day will run more smoothly. The “Day Of” coordinator then helps with the rehearsal, to make sure everything works out according to the plans of the bride. Once the wedding day arrives, the coordinator assumes the role of “wedding manager”. Throughout the ceremony and reception the coordinator will make sure that all of the lists are checked off, and everything goes according to plan. Hiring a “Day Of” wedding coordinator is a great way to ensure that all of your planning and preparation for the big day become a reality.