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Straight Forward Talk About Invisalign Treatments

Straight Forward Talk About Invisalign Treatments

Traditional teeth straightening are becoming a thing of the past for many individuals who have misaligned and crooked teeth. This is mainly because of the noticeable wires, brackets, and bands that come with traditional braces. Since there is an alternative solution that provides virtually no notice ability of wearing braces more individuals are taking advantages of an Invisalign treatment.

An Invisalign treatment consists of the patient wearing a customized plastic aligner that moves and shifts one’s teeth back into position. This treatment provides a much faster result. The potential of not being embarrassed by wearing braces, since they are virtually undetectable. As well as, not giving up any of their favorite foods or having difficulty cleaning their teeth properly, as these devices are removable for such instances.

An Invisalign Specialist

In order for a cosmetic dentist to perform an Invisalign treatment, they must complete special education and training. The specialist will take impressions and digital photos of a patient’s mouth and will need to input, understand, and direct treatment from the evaluation of a computerized program. Only those specialist who have completed and been certified in this special training are able to provide this teeth straightening treatment.

The Treatment Plan

After a complete evaluation and the specialist determine the necessary information, the computerized program will allow the specialist to see the number of steps, as well as, the number of clear aligner that will be necessary to have a straight teeth result. The steps and number of aligner determine the time frame necessary to have straighter teeth, which is usually about 12 months. Your Invisalign specialist will discuss the entire complete treatment plan with you.

The clear aligner are custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth. Each step in the treatment plan has a certain number of aligner that the patient must wear according to the specialist’s instructions. These instructions include the number of hours, which is usually around 20 – 22 each day for approximately two weeks for each step.

It’s important that the professional’s instructions are followed in order to remain on track with the treatment plan. Although these aligner are removable, enabling one to take them out during eating and teeth cleaning, the time line is an essential part of having a straight result in a timely manner.

Benefits of an Invisalign Treatment

There are quite a few benefits to choosing an Invisalign treatment over the traditional braces which includes:

1. They are virtually undetectable.

2. There are fewer periodic dental checkups for these braces.

3. They are removable so one can enjoy their favorite foods.

4. Teeth can be cleaned more effectively since they are removable.

5. Treatment for a straighter result is quicker.

Having a clear solution to improving your smile can improve your feelings about yourself and having a straight smile can open the doorway for a better feeling about life. Talk with an Invisalign specialist about this treatment.