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Satisfying the Jamaica Wedding Requirements

Satisfying the Jamaica Wedding Requirements

Its rather easy to satisfy Jamaica wedding requirements. So easy that in fact, it simply takes a day to get the marriage license and have your Jamaica wedding provided the prior application has been made.

Acquiring the license for a Jamaica wedding calls for the couple to present certified copies of their birth certificates with their fathers name or copy of Adoption documents (If any member was adopted) reflecting a name change, in addition if either party was previously married, notarized copy or original Certificate of Divorce or the death certificate of the dead spouse must be presented. Also needed are legal translation of documents to English where originals are in different language. A easy step to comply with in the Jamaica marriage requirements process.

Satisfying the wedding requirements in Jamaica does not need a blood test, enabling you to have your wonderful wedding in Jamaica just 24 hours after arriving, To obtain information on getting a Jamaican marriage license contact

The Ministry of Justice

Mutual Life Building North Tower & NCB Towers

2 Oxford Road

Kingston 5

Telephone: (876)906-2414 – 7

You can visit their websites at: moj.gov.jm

Marriage officers are available throughout the island and information may be requested through the:

Registrar Generals Department

Twickenham Park

St. Catherine

Tel: (876) 984 3041 5

Fax:(876) 749 6457

You can visit their websites at: rgd.gov.jm

Each Marriage Officer may have their different costs and requisites; however the process remains basically the same. Be sure to discuss all details with your marriage officer. You will be required to send copies of all documents. This should be sent by courier to the Marriage Officer, though more expensive its more reliable and definitely faster than ordinary post. The Marriage Officer will fill out the required forms and arrange all documents. They can also arrange for the wedding ceremony to take place in a church or at a location of your choice. Marriages may be conducted every day of the week.

Please do not forget to bring the ORIGINAL documents with you. This is very important, or else all the arrangements for fulfilling the Wedding requirements for Jamaica would be nothing! Following the wedding ceremony, you will be given a copy of the Marriage Register which demonstrates proof of marriage. This is signed by the Marriage Officer, yourselves and your witnesses. (Dont worry; you don’t have to bring your own with you!) The Marriage Register is NOT a legal document and cannot be used to conduct any business! Its more like a receipt to say you got married. You must obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

The Marriage Certificate may be applied for by the marriage Officer and takes between 7 working days to 1 month to be processed by the Registrar Generals Department in Jamaica (address appears above). You may also apply for it yourself and there is also an express service available. You can also apply online at the Registrar Generals Department website. Ask your Marriage Officer or the hotel wedding coordinator who can aid and advise you.

If your country’s spoken language is not English, then your documents must be legalized by your Embassy which stands for your government in Jamaica. That is after the original Marriage Certificate for your marriage in Jamaica is issued by the Jamaican Government, the certified copy is sent to the Marriage Officer who forwards this with your address to your Embassy. Only after being legitimatized by your Embassy the marriage process in Jamaica is done and your marriage established as a legal union in your home country.

While these are the marriage requirements in Jamaica you don’t need to do all this yourself. You can employ the help of a wedding planner whether privately hired or supplied by your hotel.