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Roles and Responsibilities of Your Bridal Party For Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Roles and Responsibilities of Your Bridal Party For Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Whether you are going to have a large or small bridal party, there are several roles that can be filled by members of your bridal party or other family members attending your wedding celebration. Outside of the Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor, there are several other roles that need to be taken into consideration. These roles could include ushers, guest book attendant, personal attendant, readers, and/or consultant, just to name a few.

Let’s take a closer look at each role:

There is no limit to the number of Ushers you have, however the general rule of thumb is a ratio of 1:50, fifty guests per usher. If you are planning a wedding of 200 guest, you will probably want about four ushers. This role can be filled by groomsmen, friends, family members, and is not limited to males. The ushers primary role is to seat the guests before the wedding. The ushers also typically roll out the aisle runner immediately preceding the bride’s entrance. They also distribute programs, seat parents and grandparents, and can give the groom moral support in the hours leading up to the big moment.

Personal Attendants
The role of a personal attendant can vary widely depending on the bride’s needs. A personal attendant is typically one of the bride’s close friends, or family members. They can do everything from helping with guest accommodations, and planning details, to bustling the bride’s dress at the wedding and/or reception. Personal Attendant’s can also help with make-up, hair styling, and making sure the bride has everything she needs on her wedding day.

Guest Book Attendant
Have you ever watched a guestbook sit on a table at a wedding and reception, only to go unnoticed and unsigned. A guest book attendant will make sure that all of the guests sign the guestbook, or memorabilia that the bride and groom have designated.

So often, the bride is so wrapped up in the what need to get done that she often needs to solicit the help of others during the planning process. The planner or consultant can help the couple with planning duties and tasks, as well as coming with new creative, unique ideas for the event.

Gone are the days of having readers at religious wedding ceremonies exclusively. There are so many other options for readings at your ceremony. The person or person’s you designate to do a reading could read your favorite quote, poem, short story, memory, or reading during the wedding celebration. Family members that have special meaning to you would make a great fit for this role.

Again, please remember there are several roles you could fill with guests or family members at your celebration. These are just a few of the more common ones. Other roles could include candle lighters, vocalists, and musicians.