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Pros and Cons of Holding a Bachelorette Party

Pros and Cons of Holding a Bachelorette Party

Should you hold a bachelorette party? Many brides are tempted to hold one wild and fun night out with their girlfriends. The old tradition of “bachelor parties” has now been handed to the brides. No longer are women satisfied with just having a tea party and opening presents. They want to go out on the town and have fun – just like the men do. But is a bachelorette party a good idea? Let’s talk about some pros and cons.

Pro: A bachelorette wedding party is good for your girlfriend relationships. Entering married life often changes our friendships, whether we want it to our not. As this relationship changes it can be quite frustrating for both the bride and the friends – who don’t quite understand what is going on. Some brides actually lose valuable friendships they have had as they don’t know how to nurture these friendships during this period. Holding a bachelorette party can be a way of spending time with your friends and showing them a good time.

Con: Your future husband may be jealous or a bit upset at the idea of a bachelorette wedding party. While a bachelorette party is often as harmless as a bit of dancing at a nightclub and drinking a few Cosmos, some husbands don’t like the idea of one night of flirting. They just don’t want their future wives out there on the “singles scene” even for one night. Depending on your relationship with your husband this can cause tension and disagreements. If there has been unfaithfulness in the past, this bachelorette party can cause even more pain than one night of harmless fun. Good communication skills are critical.

Pro: It can make you realize even more than ever that you really want to get married. A night out with friends can be fun but secretly you can be so relieved you have a husband to go home to at the end of it. While your friends may be single and still looking, you’ve found your special sweetie. If your relationship is strong this can be a great confirmation of this. But if your relationship is shaky it can cause challenges where they may have existed earlier. In some ways this could do you a favor before you enter a more serious commitment than you truly are ready for.

Con: Bachelorette parties are expensive. The entire wedding experience is pricy for the average couple. Adding a bachelorette party into the mix will add hundreds if not thousands of dollars onto the price tag. Many brides spring for a sexy outfit, a limo and drinks for their friends or entry into a fancy nightclub. This is money that could go to more important purchases during this time.