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Practical and Budget – Friendly Wedding Favors

Practical and Budget – Friendly Wedding Favors

There are plenty buying to make when planning a wedding, and the costs can easily be out of control. Luckily there are some areas where you can easily cut down expenses, like buying wholesale items as favors of your wedding. This practical favor idea is not just budget-friendly, because if done correctly, they can definitely make a wonderful decoration to your wedding reception. These favors will sure to delight your guests, without spending too much. Just make sure to choose ones that reflect your personality and wedding theme. Here are a few practical wedding favor ideas that won’t hurt your pocket:

Scented Soaps

There are plenty of assorted soaps in various shapes, colors and scents that can make a wonderful memorabilia of your wedding. Aside from getting these candles in cheap cost, they can also easily created at home. Simply purchase some assorted scented soaps at your local craft store or online, as well as embellishments you can use when you are down to packaging the candles. You should be able to make your homemade scented candle favors that any guest will get really encouraged to take home!

Glass Coasters

Glass coasters may look expensive, but the truth is they are not. If you want a touch of class and elegance, glass coasters are one of the best options. There are plenty of online stores that offer wholesale glass products, including glass coasters. You can find them in thousands of designs at extremely cheap prices. But custom ribbons or any sheer material to hold them together beautifully. Coaster favors are elegant, practical and budget-friendly favor option best for a wedding on a budget.

Pen and Notepad Sets

These cheap favors can easily be purchased on many online whole sellers, or you can simply drive down to local thrift stores nearby. Find mini pens and notepads to make sets of practical souvenirs for your wedding. There are thousands novelty items such as pens and notepads that can be purchased in bulk at a discounted price. These practical wedding souvenirs will not just be adored by guests, but they will also enjoy using them as long as possible.

Mini Picture Frames

Mini picture frames are also another option that are easy to find at cheap prices. From thousands of online wholesale dealers to local ones, you can really find the perfect picture frame favors. Another best thing about this type of favor is that you can double the frame as place card holder. Just simply put name cards into the frames, then done! You can have place card holders for your wedding reception, and wedding favors in one-time spending only.

These are just few practical and budget-friendly wedding favors you may consider to choose from. Other more choices are found online. Wedding supplies and other wedding accessories are usually sold at discounted prices if purchased on a wholesale dealer online. Do not forget to personalize your choices. Even if they are bought at inexpensive price, but if made personalized, they can look even more stunning than extravagant pieces.