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Planning Your Perfect Wedding – What Kind of Music Do You Want at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony?

Planning Your Perfect Wedding – What Kind of Music Do You Want at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony?

The music at your wedding ceremony can say an awful lot about you. Unfortunately what wedding ceremony music often says is “they had no idea what to ask for so the musicians suggested the same three songs they play for every wedding.”

In this day and age when scarcely anyone can be seen without earbuds, it’s silly to think that brides and grooms are not going to have musical opinions. So, why not choose some music that the two of you love. You need to give the musicians time to learn the music, so if you’ve got really definite opinions this can’t be a last minute decision. But it’s easy enough to get music to people these days between file sharing and computer downloadable sheet music! So spend some time thinking about what you like.

You might also spend some time thinking about what music best represents the values you and your beloved are embracing as you marry. (You’ve done a lot of thinking about that already, right? Say yes!) This can mean everything from the type and number of musicians to amplified or non amplified music. (Non amplified guitars in outdoor spaces are great as long as you’re only having 25 people at the wedding and they’re all sitting in a semi-circle.)

It is your wedding ceremony and you want to be appropriate, so “Burnin’ Down the House” even when played by a string quartet is not going to be wonderful. You want to use your music to build on the relationship you’ve established. Your venue may have some restrictions: some churches have play lists and some out door venues don’t allow amplification.

Different kinds of musicians offer a different feel: the tuba quartet, the harpist and the bagpipe can all be wonderful if they’re right for you.

The music for your wedding ceremony takes some planning and some research. Figure out why your getting married and what your marriage means. What songs are around that would honor those values? What are the wedding vows you’re going to make to one another: are there songs that echo either the feelings or the promises?

You can find good musicians through your vendors, venues, wedding planner, friends and local talent agencies. Go hear them if you can, get some references and check them.

And if you can, get the musician(s) to record a practice session of your song so that you can slip it into your play list. You’ll remember how you felt as you walked down the aisle or watched your beloved down the aisle every time you hear the music sail randomly by. And that will deepen your relationship. You get a lot more from music at your wedding than you think you might!