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Planning a Wedding in Negril? Stop at the Negril Lighthouse in Jamaica

Planning a Wedding in Negril? Stop at the Negril Lighthouse in Jamaica

Planning a Jamaica wedding or Jamaica Honeymoon? Why not consider Negril as your next wedding location or honeymoon location? Negril is one of my most favourite places in Jamaica. I still remember my days there during summer break from college. Its laid back charm, almost endless white sands beach, horseback riding are just some of the reasons I love this place. Negril is one of Jamaica’s most spectacular beach wedding locations and motivating this is the famous Negril lighthouse.

The Negril Lighthouse Jamaica was built in 1894 by the French Company Bubbler & Bernard, on a tank 14 feet deep, which is kept filled with water. This is to keep the Tower balanced and secured in the event of an earthquake. The Tower which is built inland, is cylindrical and has an elaborate light surrounded by a metal and glass protector on top of which is a wind-wane.

Negril Lighthouse Jamaica is located at south Negril Point which is at the extreme western end of the island of Jamaica. It’s about 3 miles south of the center of Negril proper, just a short drive along Westend Road. It is open 9 am to sunset daily. This concrete beacon which is painted white, stands 66 feet above ground level and the light is elevated 100 feet above sea level. The Lighthouse has an automatic white light which flashes every two seconds. The site is a popular wedding photography attraction of the Negril region and thought to be the the highest structure in Negril.

Talk to the Superintendent who you may persuade to take you for a tour inside. There are 103 stairs that will take you to the top for a bird’s eye view. Standing tall at 100 feet. The lighthouse offers a sweeping view of the sea and countryside as they blend together, the Negril light house lawn is the perfect place for viewing the sun setting behind the ocean. Probably why it is Negril’s most common wedding videography and photography spot. Many Negril wedding memories have been recorded on the lawn of the Negril Point lighthouse.

The Negril lighthouse Jamaica is a operating, historical building maintained by the Port Authority of Jamaica, an agency of the Ministry of Transport and Works. Because the lighthouse is a listed building, there are regulations laid down that have to be followed. Nevertheless these rules are not rigid enough to mar any wedding in Negril Jamaica.

Make your weddings in Jamaica really fantastic, experience your ceremony in a unique setting by the sea.