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Personalized Candy Bars – Capturing Life’s Precious Moments

Personalized Candy Bars – Capturing Life’s Precious Moments

Having a baby? Graduating from high school? Celebrating an anniversary? One great way to remember the event is to purchase personalized candy bars. This article will explain the process involved, options available, and opportunities to start such a business for yourself. I currently own such a business, and I wish to share some insight gained from my own experiences.

When you hear the words “personalized candy bars”, some people assume you are speaking of the candy bars themselves. Instead, personalized candy bars are really personalized labels, often printed on a special printer, using labels not available to the general public. Federal regulations prohibit the removing of the original candy bar wrapper because of nutritional information that is printed on them. However, dealers will often put the bars, with the original wrapping on them, into foil “pouches.” These pouches can then be sealed, and the label can be put on over the pouch.

Most dealers will give the consumer the option of purchasing candy bars with the wrappers already on them, or they may just wish to purchase the wrappers by themselves. The second option is usually more popular in the summer months, when shipping chocolate through the mail is a tricky order (Note: UPS, DHL and other carriers DO NOT guarantee chocolate goods during the warmer months). Either way, you get to offer consumers an interesting and unique product. Many labels are “themed”, which options such as pink ribbons (breast awareness), yellow ribbons (support the troops) and other themes (scouting, playground, school, etc.). These labels often allow for scanned pictures to be added, so say a graduate from college or a new baby can have their picture right on the label!

The great thing about personalized candy bars is they provide a unique gift and the market potential is virtually unlimited. Daycares, churches, schools, and hospitals all provide numerous opportunities to market your products. Perhaps a church would like some candy bars to give to visitors, or a school might put pictures of their graduates on them. The market is huge! You are only limited by your own imagination.

Are you interested in purchasing your own personalized candy bars? A Google or Yahoo! search will provide numerous results. Many websites will provide you with a wide variety of options. Some give discounts on larger orders, such as fundraisers–make sure you ask! Perhaps you are interested in starting your own personalized candy bar business. There are numerous programs, software, and companies out there that will be glad to help. Just make sure you do an online search of the company in question. Check with the Better Business Bureau or consumer websites to see if there are any complaints about the company before you do business with them. Also, how well do they respond to emails and phone calls? Are they returned promptly? If not, that is a huge red flag that ongoing support will be limited. It is best to do business with a company that will provide ongoing support. Most companies require some sort of start-up costs, usually under $500. Then, any additional supplies that are offered will be at an affordable price. When you factor in the cost of candy bars (usually bought in bulk at Sam’s Club or Costco), foil pouches, and printer labels, it becomes very cost effective for the business person. Listed below are some programs, companies, and software that are available. In terms of full disclosure, the Charmyn Group is the only company I have dealt directly with, and they have delivered on everything they promised me. Please keep in mind that I am not endorsing any one company, but providing these as a list of resources for your benefit. So, consider adding some personalized candy bars to your next precious occasion–you won’t forget it!

Personalized Candy Bar Companies, Software and Products: (In no particular order)

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