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Personalized Beer Glasses & Mugs

Personalized Beer Glasses & Mugs

The glassware that are used to hold beers, ales or lagers are known as beer mugs. These are sometimes also called pint glasses. This is because these are able to hold a pint of liquid where a pint equals one eighth of a gallon. These are an important item in bars and pubs these days. These also enable the customers to determine whether they are being served a pint or not at a bar or a pub. Many bars also use lined ones that are of special type. These lined glasses usually have a mark at the pint line that helps to measure the quantity of beer poured into the mugs.

Such pieces are available in various shapes and sizes. These also have different textures and are available at all price ranges. These can be purchased from house ware sections of stores or over the internet according to the needs of the person purchasing them.

A few popular shapes in which these are available are:

o Nonic-shaped pieces which are also known as the conical mugs are the most commonly available ones everywhere. They taper at the bottom and bulge out at the top.
o Tulip shaped ones are more like hour glasses and are curved. They taper at the very top.
o The boot shaped ones are found where people practice the traditional practice of drinking from a wooden shoe.

Some pieces have a lid that can be flipped up. Some may also have etchings on them. The mugs can be personalized in this manner. Personalized mugs can be used for several occasions. These can be decorated or stylized in various ways. Personalized mugs can be given as gifts to someone or can be used in wedding favors or can be used as promotional items in stores.

Personalized beer mugs can be of several types like color base mixing variants, frosted variants, sports varaints, pilsner types, clear mugs, ceramic mugs etc. These personalized pieces can be used in bars, restaurants, parties, business meetings and parties and at various other places.

Such glassware can be printed or they can be plain. Usually the printed ones are more expensive than the plain ones.

When purchasing personalized beer mugs, the following must be considered.

o These should be purchased which are of good quality and must belong to a good and known brand.
o The material used for making these must not be of sub standard quality.
o These must be durable.
o These must have a guarantee so that in case of damage, they can be replaced.
o They must be purchased to suit the needs of the person buying them.

Though these glasses are available in many colors, the transparent ones look the best. They give a sophisticated and refined look. Beer glasses have become an important item in households everywhere.