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New Trends in Wedding Favours

New Trends in Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours are a personal way of sharing with the guests your appreciation for attendance and support on the biggest day of your life – your wedding. Favours can vary from the extravagant to the small and elegant. The type of wedding favour you choose should reflect your wedding theme and you as a couple. Traditional wedding favours have included figurines with the sugared almonds in a box but nowadays brides and grooms are getting more and more creative. Here are some new trends in wedding favours and bonbonnieres that you might want to consider.

Some of the more creative ideas for wedding bonbonnieres include personalised wine bottles, you can now get your own labels printed with a photo of you both and information as to the date and time of the wedding. Personalised gifts are becoming main stream as wedding favours or bonbonnieres. Other things you may have personalised include; beer holders, chocolates and candy. A personalised wedding gift shows that you have taken time out to make the wedding favours truly unique.

The wedding CD is another new trend in wedding gift ideas. Many brides and grooms are opting to make a CD of songs which represent them as a couple. You could choose all your favourite love songs or songs you intend to play on the wedding reception night. This also is very personal and represents your wedding and you as a couple. Have your own labels printed on the CD’s perhaps with your picture or the details of your event. Your guests can cruise home to the classic sounds of your wedding reception evening. And forever after when they pull out the CD those songs will be associated to your special day.

Practical favours are also a big trend in modern weddings. Most people tend to leave bonbonnieres that are ornamental at the event. It is often forgotten and overlooked. This has given rise to the more practical wedding gifts, such as salt and pepper shakers, matching champagne classes and photo frames. Many couples include a pre taken photo of the bride and groom in the photo frame for the guests to have as a memory of the event.

With the climate being at the forefront in peoples mind, many couples are opting to have eco-friendly weddings. Choosing environmentally friendly wedding favours would suit this theme. Some of the favours you could choose include seeds that people can plant, pot plants, bamboo plants, beeswax candles, soy candles, bamboo trinket boxes, bamboo coasters, bamboo serving salad spoons, Buri fans, wooden chopsticks and much more.

These are but a few of the more recent trends in wedding favour ideas. Whether you are on a quest to save the environment or want something truly personalised, there are wedding favour ideas to suit your needs. Whilst the sugared almonds and figurines are truly classic mementos, try something new and upbeat. Your guest will really appreciate it.