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New Legislation May Trigger Stocking Up of Pint Glasses Worldwide

New Legislation May Trigger Stocking Up of Pint Glasses Worldwide

The statistics are alarming and it may be time to stock up on pint glasses of all sizes and shapes – The pint glass as you know it may be deemed illegal and banned from public serving places come this year!

Could this be the end of the glass pint? Is it time to stock up on glass pints?

Thousands of people are hurt each year in violent attacks where broken glass pints are used as weapons. In the United Kingdom alone, 87,000 injuries and incidents were linked to the use of glass. In addition, many festively infused pubs maintain traditions of “shedding”, which includes throwing the pint glass in the floor every time your home team scores on TV. It goes without saying, that broken glass equals trouble.

The industry is holding its breath, while angry outcries and public servants in hospitals and policing roles have demanded a redesign of the classic pint glass. Now legislation regarding a new, safer pint designs is being proposed in hope to reduce alcohol-related crimes and injuries – a crime category that costs the UK a staggering 2.7 billion British Pounds per year.

Two types of glass pints have been proposed to support the new legislation, both made from glass but significantly safer in composition. The designers have paid great attention to making sure the traditions and heritage of the original glass pint are maintained. The composition has been sealed with a clear plastic coating known as bio-resin and prevents the glass from being broken into pieces when smashed.

The second proposal has been named the “Twin Wall” and borrows its performance from car wind screens which is laminated. The glass consists of two walls inside each other, bonded together. According to the designers, both proposals will make the beer easier to pour but defenders of the glass-only pints are in outrage.

According to traditional pint glass-lovers, the new designs will interfere with temperature and pour in a way that is detrimental to the beer. Organizations including the British Beer and Pub Association and “Don’t touch my pint glass” have expressed their distaste in media, and there is an amassing online movement, protest sheets and rallies all dedicated to the preservation of the original pint glass.

Here in America, little has been heard about the pint glass debate, but American legislation traditionally embraces safety initiatives from Europe – which included the banning of smoking in public places some ten years ago.

The reality is that the days of the pint glass may be numbered for a new, safer solution. pint glass manufacturers are seeing an increased demand for glass and are stocking up to meet the demand of collectors, bar owners and retailers. It seems while legislators are eager to replace the pint glass, the general population is not.