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Neoprene Koozies Vs Polyurethane Koozies: What’s the Difference?

Neoprene Koozies Vs Polyurethane Koozies: What’s the Difference?

Promotional Can Coolers are a great way to get your personalized logo, graphics, or message into the hands of your target audience. They are an economic and functional solution for your next personal or business marketing campaign. Choose from a variety of designs, choosing color, size, and material. There is a large selection of colors to match the theme of your special event, or to help highlight your custom printed image. There are also two sizes of can cooler to choose from, which depends on the material it is constructed out of: the neoprene can coolers hold only 12oz beverages while the Polyurethane Foam holds 12oz or 16oz beverages. Each of these personalized can coolers can be manufactured from either three millimeter thick Neoprene or polyurethane foam. Both of these designs feature superior comfort, insulation, and style.

The printed Neoprene can coolers are made of a thinner material, fit all 12oz cans, and have a large 2.5″H X 2.4″W print area. This is because neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that will maintain its insulation despite the thickness of the material, as well as being extremely flexible and durable. However, unlike other rubber-like materials, neoprene is much more affordable, making it suitable for a broad variety of uses like: wet suits, laptop sleeves, and dishwashing gloves. Alternately, the polyurethane foam material is slightly thicker but with a different construction. This makes it suitable for 12-16oz cans, long neck bottles, and water bottles. Polyurethane has a number of uses that depend on the form that the material takes. Depending on how it is processed, polyurethane can be a thick sturdy plastic, a thin sheet, or a foam.. Polyurethane foam comes in two basic constructions: open cell and closed cell. Open cell polyurethane foam allows air to pass easily through the material, making it comfortable and suitable for mattress pads or seat cushions.

The polyurethane foam construction in these can coolers is actually a closed cell foam, meaning it has bubbles of gas trapped in the material. This makes it a good insulator, but also makes it a little thicker than the solid neoprene. The polyurethane foam can coolers allow a 2.5″ Width x 2.25″ Height print area, which is slightly smaller than the neoprene design. Regardless of the material you choose for your can coolers, the quality of printed images or text will not be affected. It is often hard to find a promotional product that will not only attract the attention of your target audience, but also incline them to pick it up and use it. Can coolers are a great idea for promotional giveaways or as unique party favors because they are functional and can be easily folded to fit in your pocket. This will encourage your guests to bring your promotional product home and save it for further use. Choose these personalized can coolers for your next business function or organizational event, because they will provide the type of logo or brand visibility that is essential to a promotional campaign.