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Marriage Celebrants Add More Culture to Your Wedding

Marriage Celebrants Add More Culture to Your Wedding

A marriage celebrant can be considered as a legal alternative to an ordained priest or minister. Celebrants can conduct weddings, name babies and provide funeral services. The celebrants do not have to be a part of a religious organization but they can conduct ceremonies where couples exchange their vows and be legally labelled as man and wife. In order to become celebrants prospects need to undergo a government accredited training program. However, prior to that every applicant has to meet a certain criteria after which he is put on a waiting list till that particular area requires celebrants. Celebrants who have passed through their training and been awarded a certificate can marry couples in any location and process the required paperwork for the couple.

Celebrants Offer Flexibility

Couples chose celebrants because they want a bit of flexibility to their weddings. In this day and age of underwater weddings and couples exchanging their vows in exotic locations it is only a celebrant that can accommodate these types of requests. Marriage celebrants take no offence regardless of if the marriage ceremony takes place in a church or in any other location. This showcases the fact that mindsets are changing and need to change. A celebrant can also take care of all the required paperwork and ensure that the wedding ceremony is exactly as you want it to be, keeping both culture and religious beliefs in mind.

Marriage celebrants are also able to perform non-traditional ceremonies like exchanging of vows during a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary. These ceremonies can be customized or personalized as per the couple’s choices. However, once again this is only something that a celebrant can do knowing to the fact that he has been trained to accommodate and understand the wishes of married couples.

Having a civil marriage celebrant to marry you at your wedding ceremony is considered old fashion although now it is easier to arrange since the celebrant is flexible with the location and time. Everything, from what you wear to where you are located does not matter to the celebrant. So, in fact by offering more choices people they can enjoy their weddings even more. Some may even combine their wedding with their honeymoon so that they can be on their honeymoon right away once they have been legally married.

A wedding is probably the most important and happiest day of your life. A marriage celebrant is merely someone that pronounces you as husband and wife. So you are in control of every aspect of your wedding.