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Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors That Guests Will Surely Love

Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors That Guests Will Surely Love

Are you looking for a bridal shower favor idea that is unique and charming, yet inexpensive? Or are you wondering how to come up with a cheap bridal shower favor that won’t take too much time to make? Whether it is for a small or big bridal shower, party favors don’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Giving shower favors is a way to thank guests for coming to party and bringing gifts for the bride. Regardless of how expensive the gifts they bought for her, the cost of the favors doesn’t matter, because what is important is the meaning behind them.

Bridal favors come in a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for tokens that will be placed on each table setting or on a separate table where guests can help themselves to get one before leaving the venue, you are sure to find an immeasurable options that will suit the kind of budget you have. Here are some tips to help you start your hunt.

Purchasing and Pricing

No matter what, it is best to take time to shop around and compare prices before placing your order. If you are ordering from a vendor, try to ask if they give discount for a certain number of products that customers will purchase. Most wholesale dealers give discounts when their items were bought in great volume, so you may want to consider placing a bulk order and expect a good discount from your supplier. Today, there are thousands of stores that specialize on party favors, so there’s no reason for you to stick with one option only. The bridal shower favors you have in mind may probably available somewhere else in a cheaper price.

DIY Favors

You can save a sum by making bridal shower favors yourself. You can find lots of various materials that you can use to make handmade favors in many craft stores, art-supply stores and stationery stores. Or, why not consider baking cookies, or making homemade jams? Homemade shower favors may need favor boxes, favor bags, jars, mini buckets, mini baskets, or empty wine bottles. Favor tags, labels, stickers, wrappers, and ribbons can be personalized to add a special touch to your homemade souvenirs.

Opting for inexpensive shower favors doesn’t necessarily mean you will end up giving unappealing tokens to your guests. Research online or browse though various wedding magazines so you can gain latest ideas and economical tips as well when it comes to planning a bridal shower on a budget.

The birth of the Internet makes planning a shower on a budget a lot easier. Aside from tips and ideas, you can actually get free supplies online. Yes, you can print shower invitations at home using free templates that are available online. There are thousands of online stores that specialize on wedding parties offering various supplies, including bridal shower favors, bridal shower games, bridal shower decorations and a lot more. Some of them offer a special service like they can personalize the souvenirs you like with whatever you desire.