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Ideas For Candle Wedding Favors That Make a Wonderful Gift

Ideas For Candle Wedding Favors That Make a Wonderful Gift

Giving wedding favors are customary in weddings. Candles wedding favors are one of those favors that will always remain popular. Giving these out is guaranteed to please guests and family. There are so many designs and styles to choose from that you will have no problem picking out appropriate sets for your specific purpose.

Votive candles are perfect for wedding favors. They come in a wide range of selections differing in scent, color and size. Some are relatively cheap while others are rather expensive. These prices mostly depend on the varying designs these votive candles come in. You may also choose differently colored votive candles depending on the recipient’s favorite color. This would really convey a very thoughtful message to guests.

Taper candles are another popular type used for candle wedding favors. These are packaged elegantly and covered gracefully with tulle, artistic cellophanes or ribbons. For special guests such as the groom’s and bride’s parents, the taper candles may be fancifully wrapped with an aesthetically appealing paper scroll printed with a message from the bride and groom themselves.

If you don’t want to just hand out candle shaped candles, then you can order artistic and decorative candles molded to the forms of anything from angels to wedding cakes. These decorative candles may be slightly more expensive but they sure are worth it. You can even choose designs representing the groom’s work or the bride’s passions. These make for very cute wedding favors that guests will surely love.

Floating candles are another set that’s popular for wedding favors. These are made with a lightweight foam core which allows them to float on water. They are molded to many different shapes and sizes; you can certainly pick one which suits your taste best. Smaller candles may be given in sets along with special glass bowls creating a unique centerpiece that really beautifies its surroundings.

If you don’t find the type of candle that best fits your purpose, you could choose to create your very own. This is rather easy and everything you need is found either at your local grocery or at your local crafts supply shop. You can get paraffin wax from most grocery stores’ canning aisles. The other parts like the wicking, the molds, scents and dyes are available at crafts stores. Instead of molds you can use votive cups or small bottles for an added artistic effect.

To start things off, you will need a double boiler to melt the wax and the colors and scents into a smooth liquid. Your mold should already be prepared with the wicking suspended in the middle touching the bottom and kept in place by a crossbar at the top of the mold. Then, you pour the liquid mixture in the mold. Leave only about a quarter inch of space from the wax to the rim of the mold. These are then set aside to cool and after that, trim the wick and you’re done.