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How to Write Your Own Personal Wedding Vows

How to Write Your Own Personal Wedding Vows

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Are you ready to write your own personal wedding vows? There are several things to consider before you write the language that ties you together for eternity. If you want to write the most magical message of love, there are a few things you need to know before you begin. The first thing to find out if you follow a religion is if your religion binds you to any strict customs as to what you can and cannot say during a wedding ceremony. Once you find out, and you are given the go ahead, then take your pens and paper and get ready to write your wedding vows for your special wedding day moment!

Examine your motivation – What commitments have you made and kept? What commitments have you made and broken? When you make a commit to a vow, check your motivation are you doing it with full awareness? For example, when you meet with your wedding officiant, ask him or her to make you a copy of your wedding vows so you can read them thoroughly before you tie the knot. Be interested in knowing what you are committing to in these traditional vows. Marriage is a ceremony full of commitments! Do you honestly want to take a vow to “obey?” Do you truly want to commit to for better and “for worse” and “for sickness” and in health? Energetically charged words of what you don’t want may create a karmic return you won’t be happy about! We can script our lives to live more consciously. Why not customize a commitment for your greatest good to celebrate in the healthy sharing of life together? Our wedding vows, just like our thoughts, create. Be clear in what you want to create and then commit to its creation. Come to treat your commitments as sacred and enter into them as so.

What to consider as you write your wedding vows – When two hearts beat as one, you may want to make sure that your personal wedding vows come straight from your heart. Here are some things to consider when you begin to write your wedding vows to each other:

-Ask yourselves for what reasons do you love each other?

-Ask yourself what is it about your partner that makes your heart skip a beat?

-Ask yourself what one particular event made you realize that you wanted to be married?

-What comes to mind when you say the words, “marriage,” “commitment,” and “love?”

-What are your feelings about spirituality, children, money and growing older? Do you have common views on these important factors?

-What do you say in personal wedding vows?

When writing your personal wedding vows, you can write the independently or together. You may want to include a set of promises to one another. Here are some ideas to help you write your wedding vows.

You may want to include:

-To love, respect, accept, honor and cherish each other.

-To be honest and faithful.

-To respect the individuality of each other.

-To be best of friends.

-To be kind, trusting, giving and understanding.

-To bring joy and laughter into the marriage.

Aim to include in your vows the pledge to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually together during the experiences of a lifetime partnership. The most successful way to write personalized wedding vows is to think about the two of you and what you want to promise each other for a happy marriage.

Look for inspiration – Your dream wedding vows require you to be inspired. Look for ideas from inspirational words written in poetry, books, movies, etc. that touch your heart. When something moves you, it expresses your own feelings. Artfully write down the personal and special moments of your relationship. Express them in a brief, simple and well-chosen manner to allow your wedding guests to understand their meaning.

Final Wedding Tips – When you have completed writing your wedding vows, you may want to share them with your wedding celebrant. He or she may have helpful suggestions for you. They are experienced at creating the perfect ceremony. In addition, make sure to have a copy of your wedding vows on an index card with you at your wedding ceremony. You may choose to either read them or memorize them for your wedding day. The last thing you want to be is nervous whether you will remember your words or not! Remember that your wedding vows are a public declaration of your commitment to one another so speak slowly and clearly. Your wedding guests are there to witness your marriage ceremony and they should be able to hear your words.

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May you begin a lifetime of love and happiness!

Rev. Diane Cuesta

Owner of BestWeddingNJ.com