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How to Start a Candy Wrapper Business

How to Start a Candy Wrapper Business

Novelty items are always a hit at parties. This includes weddings, baby showers and even Halloween parties for all the ghosts and goblins at school. Some people are just naturally talented in the area of arts and crafts and they can whip up impressive homemade creations in no time at all. Most of us aren’t like that and between being a parent and working, we just don’t have the time needed to devote to creating something special to give out as a party favor. If you’ve been searching for a way to make money from home, consider helping out all the parents who would love to present their guests with a little remembrance. A candy wrapper business is a perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a way to supplement their income.

Many people have fallen into the business of making candy bar wrappers. They may have discovered this fun and easy computer based craft on their own. After making cute candy bar wrappers for special occasions, others will almost always ask how it was done. Once you explain that you did it yourself, they’ll be so impressed they’ll ask if they can order some for their child’s graduation or an upcoming birthday party. This type of service spreads quickly by word of mouth and you may find that you have more clients than time before too long.

If you do want to turn your candy wrapper business into a full-time venture, you’ll need to look for as many clients as possible. Schools are a great first stop as they are almost always looking for new and effective fundraising campaigns. The same is true of minor sports teams. You can create personalized wrappers for them to sell so they can raise money each season. Many offices also look to a candy wrapper business to create a unique wrapper that advertises their services. The finished candies are then distributed to potential customers and are also proudly displayed on the receptionist’s desk. Many church groups, daycare centers and party planners will likely also be looking for a steady supply of custom candy bar wrappers.

You need very few supplies to being a candy wrapper business. A computer, candy wrapper software, the labels and the candies are all that is required. Many clients will want wrappers that have specific personal images on them. If you can accommodate this request, you’ll keep your customers happy. It’s a wonderful feeling to make a custom wedding candy bar wrapper with the pictures of the bride and groom, along with the date of the marriage. This instantly becomes a keepsake that everyone attending will treasure.

If you’ve ever wanted to branch out on your own with a viable home based business, this is the one for you. Creating custom candy bar wrappers is the sweetest way to make a living.