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How to Pick Wedding Dresses for Wedding Photography?

How to Pick Wedding Dresses for Wedding Photography?

If you want to take photo for wedding,It is important to select a nice wedding dresses. But faced with so many wedding dresses, it’s hard to choose the right one.

1, Seaside
The sea beach, created a romantic / aesthetical atmosphere, should pay attention to the selection of fabrics that can be stained with water and light yarn, such as chiffon, gauze, light silk. May be A-Line, mermaid wedding dresses or short skirt are suitable.
The color of bridal dress should be elegant and clean, such as white, pink and light green, which can integrate well with the ocean.

2. Grassland
The style, created a fairy feeling, is suitable for wearing light wedding dress, such as A-line, floor-length, and so on, but not suitable for the solemn atmosphere of wedding dress.

3, Pastoral sea
Romantic beauty of flowers, created a dream sweet feeling in the charming world, are suitable for A-line skirt, small tail.

4, European wedding photo
European architecture, the main creation of luxury, atmosphere, gorgeous feeling, is suitable for the ball gown wedding dress. You also can pick a long bride’s veil.

5, Korean wedding photo
Elegant Korean interior, mainly to create a sweet and romantic feeling, are suitable for the floor-length wedding dress.

According to your own body

You need to know your shape first so that you can better avoid weaknesses and choose the right wedding dress.

1, banana type: shoulder circumference, chest circumference, hip circumference size is similar (every two difference value is less than 5%), at the same time, there is no obvious waist curve.

Banana shape can choose a single collar, exposing clavicle, highlighting sexy nobility. The waist of the bundle increased the beauty of the curve.

2, apple type: the lower extremities are relatively slender, and the body with prominent waist and abdomen is apple type.

The apple shape can choose a deep V collar to visually relieve the bloated upper body. The neckline design of deep V extends directly to the middle part of the body. It can visually stretch the length of the upper part of the body, and the overall feeling becomes slender.

3, pear type: the proportion of upper body is thin, and the lower body is more plump.

The pear shape can be wrapped in the chest waist type, designed to stack, increase the sense of hierarchy, enrich the upper enclosure, cover the fullness of the lower circumference, and focus the visual attention on the upper body.

4, hourglass type: there are obvious curves, concave and convex shape. It’s a sexy form. The chest, waist and hips are round and full.

The hourglass can emphasize the waist curve, and the waist style can perfectly show the line of your figure.

5, small size: the body is not tall, the whole skeleton is small.

This can choose a short skirt to show the cute side, without losing the femininity. Type A can make you look tall, with the emphasis on raising the waistline.

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