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How to Juice Up Your Wedding Planning Business

How to Juice Up Your Wedding Planning Business

Are you a wedding or event planner looking for some fresh ideas in planning a wedding?

Are you looking for a non-alcoholic alternative for a reception or other special occasion?

Are you looking for eco-friendly ideas for a wedding?

The Amazing Acai Berry

By now you probably have heard of the Brazilian acai berry, the creme de la creme so to speak of some popular functional beverage blends.

For many centuries, the people of the Amazon have esteemed this remarkable fruit for its health-promoting properties and valued it as a source of health and vitality. The outstanding health benefits of acai are continually being documented by modern science. Moreover, because of its unparalleled anti-oxidant levels and extraordinary nutrient content, acai is now commonly regarded as one of the world’s top superfoods.

Consequently, enjoying the variety of health benefits contained in nature’s superfruits has never been easier with some of the products now on the market.

What Does This Have to Do With Weddings?

There are all kinds of creative and innovative ways that you could integrate functional beverages into weddings and other special events and therefore create an additional stream of income to catapult your wedding planning business. Many of these products are offered through network marketing channels.

Wedding Planning Ideas Using Functional Beverages to Help Your Client and Boost Your Business

1. Encourage your client to use a premier functional beverage as part of their daily nutritional support. There is one popular blend on the market wherein 4 oz. supplies the equivalent of 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. How could anyone go wrong with this regime? Many people claim that drinking acai juice every day increases their energy, reduces stress, helps them sleep better and experience a greater sense of well-being.

2. For brides looking for a non-alcoholic drink for their wedding, suggest that they serve a premier functional beverage for their toast. In one case you can get 25 one-ounce pours out of a bottle costing you from around $30 or $40 wholesale for the bottle. That’s a lot less than you would pay to serve a really good bottle of champagne to 25 guests.

A particular blend on the market, targeted towards people concerned about heart health and cholesterol, tastes like strawberries and pineapple and is positively delicious so it makes a great 2-in-1 product. Another blend could be served at the kids’ table. A functional beverage is a terrific option for a reception being held at a church or for the pregnant bride who cannot consume any alcohol.

3. Energize or re-energize the wedding party with a functional beverage. Weddings are an all-day affair. A shot of a functional drink before the wedding ceremony and during the reception will help keep the bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party full of energy.

Other possible uses of a functional beverage throughout the wedding day include:

* During the break between the wedding and photos. Set up a convenient tasting station for the wedding party.

* Inside the limos as a special treat

* Served at the end of the reception

* Available wherever the bride and groom are staying on their wedding night.

* Kept on hand for yourself and other providers

4. Wedding Reception Favors. One company offers their product in a beautiful black foil gel pack which makes for a memorable favor. Place it in some tulle or an organza bag and you have about 30 elegant wedding favors for less than $2.50 each plus the price of the packaging. You could put a special sticker on the foil pack to commemorate the wedding.

5. Bridal Party Gifts. What a wonderful gift to give to the wedding party. A bottle of a functional beverage literally is a gift of health. You can put some commemorative labeling on the bottle, as well.

6. The Healthy Wedding. For the health enthusiast, a functional beverage is the perfect addition to the wedding. One beverage comes in an elegant-looking wine bottle which can double as a centerpiece that people will want to take home. Embellish it with flowers or clusters of grapes or fruit. Make sure that contact information is included with the bottle so that the proud recipient can re-order.

7. Eco-Friendly Weddings. Green is in. When selecting a functional beverage for a green wedding be sure to select a company that is actually helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

8. A Party Within a Party. If your client decides they would like to become a distributor of your functional beverage then they can have a tasting station at their wedding reception for their guests. After all, the guests are likely to need a pick-me-up, too!

9. Thank You Gifts. A beautifully packaged functional beverage makes a nice thank you gift to vendors and others associated with planning the wedding outside of the wedding party.

10. Bridal Registry. The bride can always specify the healthy beverage as part of her bridal registry. The product can then be purchased through you.

By integrating a premier functional beverage into your business in one or more of the 10 ways just stated, you will be well on your way to not only developing a more healthy client base, but also developing an additional cash flow and residual income. During these challenging economic times that is a real plus.