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How to Decorate a Red Wagon For a Wedding and Not Break Your Budget

How to Decorate a Red Wagon For a Wedding and Not Break Your Budget

Weddings are expensive. Any ideas on keeping costs down while keeping creativity up are always welcome tools in the wedding planner’s arsenal.

For example, wedding wagons are popular these days for nuptials. Of course, a wagon isn’t something one MUST have at a wedding, but it certainly is a cute thing!

If you’ve been considering this idea, have you thought about how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding and still keep costs down?

Actually this can be very straightforward.

— Keep it simply stunning.

If you’ve chosen to use a RED wagon for your wedding, you must like the way its eye-popping color looks.

In this case, less is definitely more.

There’s no need to cover this wagon. Instead, accessorize the wheels and the handle. You can add a fancy liner (just a flat, hemmed piece of beautiful cloth will do) and let it peek up over the sides of the wedding wagon.

Edge the liner with a bit of lace you find on sale. Any lace will look lovely so stay away from the designer rack!

Attach flowers or ribbons around the wagon slats and wheels. Or use greenery for a naturally beautiful look. (Make sure nothing interferes with the action of the wheels or handle, however, for safety’s sake.)

— Create your own look.

Making your own wedding wagon skirt is a fairly simple process. If you are not a sewer, consider purchasing a basinet skirt and customizing it to fit your wagon. You can opt for a peek-a-boo fabric to let your red wagon shine through, or a more opaque fabric which will cover your colored wagon completely.

Add bits of ribbon, lace and faux flowers, as little or as much as you and your budget like.

— Use what you have.

Make use of extra fabric from the wedding party’s dresses and accessories.

If you’ve already got an old wagon, but want something newer, use paint to completely update your wedding wagon for a very small cost. (Again, make sure the wagon is sturdy and safe to use.)

Attached to the back of the wagon with a large satin bow, your engagement picture or an “Almost Married” sign is a beautiful low-cost touch.

Add white teddy bears with ribbons coordinated with your wedding colors into the wagon along with its intended contents. Borrow these bears from friends and your friends will be “participating” in your wedding!

Decorating a red wagon for your wedding need not disrupt your wedding budget. Use creativity instead of cash and think of making it personal by adding items you already have on hand.

After all, years down the road these are the things that will make your wedding photos memorable much more than the dollar amount you spent.