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How to Cope With Post-Wedding Anticlimax

How to Cope With Post-Wedding Anticlimax

Couples can spend years planning their wedding, deciding on every last tiny detail, from the bride’s wedding dress all the way down to the final song of the night. So it’s no wonder after all this involvement, excitement (sometimes stress) and not to mention spending all that money, that after the big day is over, couples can feel a real sense of anticlimax – or “the bridal blues”.

It can sometimes be proportional to the success of the day; all that adrenaline, exhilaration, pride, joy and love in one big hit can leave you with an aftermath of slight emptiness. Often the ‘high’ continues on into the honeymoon, and the ‘comedown’ occurs when you return to your daily life, job and nothing seems to have really changed apart from some wonderful memories and a ring on your finger!

So how do you avoid the post-wedding blues?


Well, be kind to yourself. However amazing your wedding is, it will also most likely be rather stressful too. You need to take some time to get out of the wedding state of mind, get back to normal and feel relieved that all the planning and organisation is over. Enjoy your honeymoon, and when you get home, spend some time ‘de-pressurising’ by sorting and displaying mementos from your wedding; photos, trinkets, invitations and gifts can all be given pride of place somewhere in your home to give you a reminder of your special day.

Often the pre-wedding period is a time of bickering and disputes, either with your partner or your family, and the fallout from this can extend long after the wedding. Even though you love each other, the stresses and trials of planning a wedding can get to the best of us. After the wedding, take time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company – perhaps organise a lunch or dinner or party to thank everyone for their involvement, laugh at the trip ups and madness and start a fresh slate.

Be prepared

Anticipating a bit of a drop in your mood when the wedding is over is the best way to avoid suffering too much. While you’re in the midst of organisation, try not to let all the wedding plans take over your life – stay grounded and accept that things will reach a peak and then drop off afterwards. Make plans for enjoyable things to do after the wedding – milestones and dates to look forward to, plans with friends, ideas of things to do as a newly married couple etc. The end of your wedding needn’t be the end of all the fun!


Many brides-to-be neglect their health before a wedding, or eat and drink too much on the actual day that part of the ‘down’ feeling is to do with needing a detox! Start a new exercise plan and eat healthily after your wedding to boost your energy levels and get those endorphins flowing again. Why not start jogging as a couple, or join an aerobics class with your best friends for some support and to make the whole process more enjoyable? Yoga is a fabulous de-stresser, as is some simple, gently meditation – sit and take a moment to appreciate all you’ve achieved and feel proud rather than disappointed with the fact that your wedding is over and was a great success.


Your wedding dress will need cleaning and storing – sad as this may be, it’s also a good way to process the end of the wedding. Or if you want, why not book a “cherish the dress” or “trash the dress” photoshoot? This new trend is a great way to have some fun after your wedding is over, and get some more wear out of your precious wedding gown. Cherish the dress photoshoots are all about you as a bride – get posing in interesting and unique locations in your wedding dress, without the time constraints and pressure of the actual wedding day. You could even take it on your honeymoon and have some shots taken there! Conversely, a trash the dress photoshoot is slightly more adventurous, and a little irreverent too! You don’t literally have to ‘trash’ your dress, but be prepared for getting it a bit grubby – trash shoots often end up in a swimming pool, the sea or lying on a sandy beach!


Remember why you went through all this and the ultimate prize at the end of it – you’re married to the one you love, and far from the best being over, you now have the rest of your lives to spend together! Feel the love and let the bridal blues go.