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How to Arrange a Party for Kids

How to Arrange a Party for Kids

Party favors are the sweet gesture of sending your guests home from your celebration with a little something to say thank you. Favors can be something as simple as a few home-baked cookies or as elaborate as a swag bag fit for the presenters at the Academy Awards. They are seen at all kinds of celebrations from weddings to children’s birthday parties, and there is no shortage of great ideas out there. But how do you decide what to give as a party favor?

It would be nice if there was an easy answer to that question, but unfortunately there is not. You need to take many factors into account, such as how significant the event is (is it a major milestone or simply a seasonal get-together), your budget, the ages and interests of the recipients, and often most importantly, the “norm” within your social circle.

How Much is too Much?

The last thing you want to do is make your guests feel uncomfortable and favors, especially party favors for kids, can be tricky. My daughter has come home with party favors so elaborate that I am sure they cost more than the birthday gift we had given. You want to appear generous but want the invitee to feel that they have been generous as well. If there isn’t enough difference between the values of the gift and the favor it can make guests feel uneasy.

Personalized Items

Usually reserved for major life events such as weddings or christenings, you may also see personalized favors for significant corporate events like a major company-wide or team accomplishment. There are many personalized options you can choose from, such as useful items like a corkscrew engraved with a wedding date for a wedding that takes place at a vineyard, or a photo frame with a photo of the baby and the date and/or baby’s name for a christening. One of the best party favors I ever received was a beautiful tiny silver cup that contained a little organza bag filled with rice. The date of the wedding was engraved on the cup and it made a perfect toothpick holder and souvenir.

Quantity vs. Quality

Do you prefer tiny, thoughtful and good quality, or something large and visibly abundant? It’s all about perception and this comes back to knowing your crowd. If I am preparing party favors for kids in the 5 to 10 years old range I am much more likely to include a bag of chips than a couple of gourmet truffles, and I would choose a large coloring pad or activity book with markers over a smaller but better quality notepad and pen set. Alternatively, if it were for a group of ladies, something so large would be off-putting where the truffles and notepad might be just right.

Great Expectations

When I was growing up we looked at party favors for kids’ birthdays as a bonus and we certainly didn’t see them at every party. These days I have noticed that they are, at least among the children I know, very much an expectation. And it can be a real challenge to come up with something that’s both appealing and appropriate.

One thing I like to do is choose items that do double duty as props or activities for the party that can be taken home. For example, a science-themed party can begin with providing lab coats and safety glasses for all the children to wear as they make slime or putty. The slime can then be put into personalized containers and then placed into a pre-prepared favor bag with some candy or a baked treat.

The options are endless and sources like Pinterest offer a treasure trove of great ideas.