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Halloween Wedding Centerpieces

Halloween Wedding Centerpieces

Halloween wedding centerpieces are critical to the decor at your party. Make them elegant, fun, edible, or scary. Here are some creative ideas:

Pumpkins – You can give each member of the bridal party a pumpkin to carve to be used as a centerpiece. Instead of placing real candles into the center of the pumpkin, use the LED candles. Many wedding reception facilities do not allow candles, as they are a fire hazard.

Glass Bowls with Candy – Fill a glass bowl with Halloween candy. You can use the traditional mini candy bars. If you would like to match your wedding colors, use M&M’s or Jelly Belly jelly beans. This is the easiest Halloween centerpiece to create as the only expense is the round glass bowl. You can find them at many floral wholesale companies, craft stores, or online.

White Plate with Domed Silver Top – This is often how meals are served at most weddings. Instead of a plate full of food, create a mound of dirt, made of chocolate cookie crumbs. Add gummy worms and insects. Be sure to have the top of the tray on when dinner is served.

Magic Eight ball – This is a hard plastic oversized eight ball. It is used to tell your fortune and has a variety of sayings that change by shaking it. You ask the ball a “yes/no” question and an answer appears at the bottom of it. It can be great fun and gives guests an activity throughout the night.

Candle Holders – Select a v Place a Mirror on as the base. Simple and elegant centerpiece. Place enough small candles for each guest. Practical wedding favors small candles around the larger one

Graveyard BrowniesThis recipe from Kraft Kitchens features a sheet of brownies with Nutter Butter peanut butter cookies stuck in them to represent grave stones.

What’s nice about this Halloween centerpiece is that it is low enough for people to see each other from across the table and even better, it can be eaten throughout the night. Since there are usually no more than 10 – 12 people at a table, you can cut the recipe in half for each table.

Store Halloween Decorations – There are all sorts of fun glitter pumpkins, black cats, monsters, ghosts and spooky decorations found at stores like Target and Michael’s. If you know a year ahead of time that you will be having a Halloween wedding, stock up on sale merchandise from the previous Halloween. Many times decorations can go down in price to 75% off about two weeks after the holiday.

Enjoy making your Halloween centerpieces, as they will probably be the talk of the evening.